Kinesiology can seem like magic at times, because it blows your mind how your practitioner can find all this information by asking questions and applying pressure to your arm. And the changes that Kinesiology can make to your life, may also seem like magic. I am here to tell you that it’s not. More specifically, I’m here to tell you that I can’t wave a magic wand over you and make all of your problems disappear overnight.


How many Kinesiology sessions will I need

I’m going to repeat that again in a slightly different way – I cannot make all of your problems disappear in only a couple of sessions.

Why did I repeat that twice? Because sometimes people have the perception that, because it does seem like magic in the session, then it has to work like magic. And some people feel that because all of their problems haven’t been magically solved after the first three sessions; that they don’t feel much different; that Kinesiology it doesn’t work.

This is not the case. Each person’s healing journey is going to be different. And this is dependent on what has happened in their life; what has happened in their past lives; how long they have had the issue for.

Let’s use Anxiety as an example. If you have had anxiety all of your life (i.e. 40+ years), it’s going to take a while to unpack the multiple causes for it. You cannot undo 40 years of anxiety in three sessions.

Let me explain it in an analogy

I would like to rephrase the above example as a marathon analogy.

Let’s say that you’ve reached middle age and you want to start ticking things off your bucket list. And one of those things is to run a marathon. Now you are pretty unfit, as you have been ignoring your health for years. So you decide to hire a personal trainer. You have a couple of sessions, but after the third session you say to the trainer “Well I can’t run a marathon, these personal training sessions are obviously not working”.


Perseverance does pay off

Is this realistic? Could you realistically run a marathon after three training sessions? No. Well, it’s the same with the issue that you have been ignoring, denying, suppressing for the last several years / decades.

And it is entirely normal that you might not feel too much difference after the first couple of sessions. The reason for this is usually there are so many layers packed around the issue, it takes a while to break through all of them.

All Sunshine Makes a Desert

The other thing that I need to let you know, is that there will be times when you feel amazing after a session and there will be times when you will feel down after a session. Why is that? It’s because, in the sessions, we are going to bring up issues and beliefs that haven’t seen the light of day for years. Issues and beliefs that have been ignored / denied / suppressed because they are too painful.

But if you want to get better, if you want to change your life, then you have to address these issues and beliefs. We have to pull them up to the surface, process them and then release them. You cannot get better by ignoring them and not feeling them.

What happens when you ignore your problems

What the Kinesiology does is to make this process

  1. laser focused (i.e. really hone in on the issue without too much talking about it) and

  2. gentle (the corrections make for a gentle processing of the issues)

Why the quote “All Sunshine Makes a Desert”? Because, only sunshine with no rain will cause everything to die and the area becomes lifeless. So too with our lives, we need the sad times to appreciate the good times. We need the setbacks to appreciate our victories. We can’t be happy all the time, that’s not how life works. However, what Kinesiology will give you is resilience, so that you are able to bounce back to your normal happy self quicker.

When you are processing and clearing all of the issues and beliefs through your Kinesiology sessions, you also have to feel them as they pass through. So it’s natural that you might feel a bit down or a bit angry (if your issue has been around suppressing your anger). I’m here to tell you that it’s only temporary, and that you will pass through it. And that on the other side is the life you have been desiring.

How many sessions will you need?

When you start off on any healing process, it’s understandable to want to know how long it will take. With any lifestyle change, it’s the paced incremental changes that make the difference. Have you ever heard of a crash diet that works? Usually the dieter reverts back to their old bad habits but even worse. But if you make minor dietary changes along the way, you are able to change your eating habits and the effects are long lasting.

How many sessions you will need will depend on how many issues (and layers those issues have) that you want to work on. Or how long you have had the issues for. It could take 10 / 14 / 18 sessions. Each client’s needs are different. All I can tell you at this stage is that it is worth it.

I’ve got two more analogies for you to explain the process.

When you come to me to change your life, you’re like an unworked piece of marble. Now I know that within that block of marble is artwork of Venus or David. But I cannot chisel at the marble three or four times and expect the masterpiece to reveal itself

Let’s say that you have been unfit and overweight for most of your life. So you go to see a Physical Trainer. And your trainer tells you, that you will need 15x 1.5 hour sessions over 18 months. And at the end, you would have the body that you desired. Would you jump at the chance? Damn straight you would!!! So why is it different when it comes to your life? 15 sessions is such a short amount of time to completely change your life.

It takes time to change your life

Phoebe’s lesson

My client, Phoebe has had amazing awareness through her healing journey. There were times early on that she would be down on herself for needing so many sessions, and then later on, she had the epiphany that it was a process which takes time. Phoebe has graciously agreed to contribute to this blog.

“My first session with Liesl was in May 2015. My Mum had recommended me to go because she knew that I was unhappy. I had just been on an amazing holiday to Korea with my best friend and still felt blue. I didn’t know what to do – I had been to psychologists and they had told me that there was nothing wrong with me – I wasn’t depressed in a clinical sense but something wasn’t right. I kept on taking days off work, getting angry and frustrated and was having a lot of negative thoughts.

During my first session, Liesl asked me what my goals were and I cried – I had no idea. I had no clue on where I was going or what I was doing anymore – I was lost. I finished the session feeling dejected and torn – I knew I had to keep on going but I really didn’t want to. I felt ashamed that everyone around me was ‘normal’ and I was some sort of special case.

It’s been nearly a year of sessions (12 so far) with Liesl, and I honestly feel so much happier than I have in a very long time. I feel like my former self and it feels great. I still have bad days/weeks but I know how to cope and the cloudiness around me is disappearing.

I now realise that no one is normal, everyone has demons or obstacles to overcome. Everyone has the ability to write their own script and to help themselves out of bad circumstances and for me, Liesl has been the tool that has helped me.”

How long will it take until I get better

So if you are committed to changing your life around, and you realise that Kinesiology isn’t a quick fix, then I’m excited to be working with you

If you want to know more, then check out the rest of my website. My what I specialise in page details the areas that I love to work on. If you are wondering how Kinesiology works and why it’s so awesome, visit the what is Kinesiology page. If you would like to know a bit more about me, then this is page for you

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