The Client

Mary* is a 52 year old female who came in with menopause symptoms. Her periods became irregular a year ago with them stopping completely 5 months prior. For the last 3-4 months, Mary has been experiencing mood swings and hot flushes.

The hot flushes have been keeping Mary awake at night, and once asleep, cold flushes will then continue to disrupt her sleeping patterns.

Mary’s mood swings have made her more emotional and irritable. She can have amazing creative highs or depressive lows, these swings can occur several times during the one day.

Menopause relief

The Process

 Goal – “My moods & temperature are constant throughout the day”

Balance – Activation phase
The activation phase is where a practitioner informs that client’s body what they will be working on during that particular session.

I stimulated all the acupressure points related to depression.
I monitored the muscles related to the endocrine (hormonal) system, all of the four muscles tested showed signs of stress.
Both the Brow & Sacral Chakras showed signs of imbalances, which would be consistent with menopause, because they govern the anterior pituitary gland and the sexual organs respectively.

We also delved into Mary’s past. When Mary was a teenager, she watched her mother suffer through menopause for 7 years. Her mother had experienced wild mood swings and hot flushes and Mary had felt responsible for looking after her mother during this time.

Menopause relief

Balance – Correction phase
The correction phase is where a practitioner asks the clients body, what would be the best correction for the current issue.

Mary’s body indicated that it wanted to start off with harmonising the three Jiao. The three jiao is where qi originates in the body.

  • The lower jiao is our essential qi (DNA), our fires of life

  • The middle jiao is our digestive qi where we digest both nutrients and information

  • The upper jiao is our defensive qi which protects the body from infection

In Mary’s case, both the lower jiao and the middle jiao were in disharmony. By hold the 3 acupressure points related to the three jiao (CV7, CV12 & CV17) I was able to bring them back into harmony.

A quick check indicated that both the stomach and liver meridians were showing signs of stress. By holding the yuan points for these meridians and having the client do a breathing technique, the stress was corrected.

Menopause relief

The next correction to show was “Surrogation”. Surrogation is when a person adopts an attitude, emotion, behaviour from the environment around them and makes it their own. In Mary’s case, her surrogation was that she had to experience menopause exactly as her mother did.

Black obsidian crystals were required to be placed on Mary’s Solar Plexus (personal power) and sacral (sexuality) chakras. Black obsidian is beneficial for protecting against depression and negative energy. Mary also repeated an affirmation confirming that she would “act independently” in relation to her menopause.

At the end of the balance, Mary was no longer surrogating her mother’s menopause and the muscles were back in homeostasis.

Client Reaction

The balance reasserted that my journey need not be a replica of my mother’s, reducing stress around the whole journey. About 2 months later, my hot flushes have reduced dramatically.

*Mary’s name has been changed and she has given her permission for me to post this case study