My style of Kinesiology is known as Intuitive Kinesiology
That is, my natural psychic talents are able to identify any blocks, negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs that you might have. And then, most importantly, we clear them in the sessions so that they never effect you again
I specialise in the areas of emotional, mental and spiritual Kinesiology
What does that mean for you? If you continue to scroll down, you will see how my style of Kinesiology can help you

What Kinesiology can help with

Stress: Don’t sweat the small stuff

Kinesiology for Stress
  • Identify the original causes of your stress and dissolve them

  • Make it so that you no longer have to “cope with” stress

  • Change it so you are no longer impacted by big stresses. You only encounter small stresses which you can manage with ease

  • Be able to find your centre and be calm in the most stressful of situations

  • Keep a clear mind and be able to focus on the problem or task at hand

  • Be able to react quickly and think clearly in times of stress

Every time I come from one of your sessions, I feel really calm and at peace. Thank you so much for caring!


I like the unblocking & clearing. It actually does me well. I can focus and feel calm. THANK YOU xx



Kinesiology for Anxiety
  • Makes panic attacks a thing of the past

  • Enjoy and embrace each day as it comes

  • To be able to handle situations with a calm clear mind

  • Be excited to greet each day

  • Become more social and enjoy going to parties and events where you mix with new people

  • Feel comfortable meeting new people

  • No longer believe (or stress about) that people are judging you

  • Being excited when change opportunities present themselves

  • Enjoy a more harmonious home and family life

  • Live in the now, not the past or future

  • Feel at ease with a little bit of chaos in your life

  • Recover quicker from shocks/traumas in your life

  • Not allowing yourself to get drawn into other people’s dramas

Pls note: That to be able to say goodbye to Anxiety, on average you will need at least 15 sessions over 12 to 18 months. 

After that first session, it was the calmest I have ever felt in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you


Self-Esteem / Self-Confidence: Because you’re worth it

Kinesiology for Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Know that you matter

  • Know that you are good enough

  • Know that your worth is infinite

  • Know that it is ok to be you

  • Know that it is safe to be you

  • Love and accept yourself for who you are

  • Let go of the need to compare yourself and your life to others

  • Know that what you have to offer is valuable and valued by others

  • Know that you deserve the best in life

  • Know that you are lovable and that you are loved by the people in your life

  • Know that people love being around you

  • Know that your ideas, opinions and suggestions are appreciated and listened to

Just wanted to say thank you for last Saturday. It made a huge difference to how I’m feeling. I feel so centred and confident, more so than I have been in a long time. I’m not taking the work thing personally at all anymore, it’s amazing!


Self Care: It’s time to be No.1

Kinesiology for Self-Care
  • Ensure that you are number 1 on your priority list

  • Be able to schedule in “me-time” no matter how chaotic your life is

  • Feel comfortable planning “nurturing” activities for yourself e.g.

    • Massages

    • Facials

    • Lunch with friends

    • Trips away

  • Understand that there are times when it’s important to put your own needs first

  • Listen to and honour what your gut tells you about a certain situation

  • Acknowledge that your needs are just as important as the needs of others

  • Know that you are perfect in every minute of every day. You don’t have to strive for perfection, you are perfection

Depression: There is a way out

Kinesiology for depression
  • Feel lightness come back into your life

  • Know that you have something to live for

  • Know that goods things can and will happen to you

  • Know that you deserve to be here

  • Know that you belong here

  • Enjoy spending time with family and friends

  • Enjoy an active social life

  • Be able to meet the daily challenges of life with confidence and ease

  • Be proactive

  • Be able to tackle your tasks at work with a clear mind

  • Remove the fog from your mind

  • Feel more confident, happy and free

  • Feel confident in making decisions that best benefit you

Pls Note: There is no quick fix to depression. It takes determination and commitment. To effectively treat depression you will need a minimum of 20 sessions over 18 to 24 months. Initially, the sessions will be very close together (weekly/fortnightly) and then they tend to space further apart (to every 3-4 weeks). You will begin to start notice somethings shifting by about the 6th session 

  • The thoughts that run through your head are

    • Good things are coming my way

    • I love life

    • I am blessed to have such loving friends and family

    • I am capable of doing this

    • My friends love being around me

    • I’m happy with my life right night now


Kinesiology for spiritual growth
  • Work on discovering your life purpose

  • Understand your true origins

  • Clear karmic patterns and debts from past lives

  • Learn to live with an Abundance and Gratitude mindset

  • Learn to trust your intuition

  • Learn how to connect in with your higher self for guidance

  • Learn how to identify when your ego is trying to drive your reactions

  • Learn how to connect in with your energetic support team and hear their guidance

Thank you for the Divine Session yesterday. I feel incredible


I feel so good and happy. I feel like the real me is back. Like the impostor has stepped out of my body and the real me has finally woken up.



Kinesiology for Career
  • Be more confident in the workplace

  • Be able to speak up in meetings and put forward your ideas

  • Follow through on your work

  • Be able to prioritise your projects

  • Confidently say no to additional work (that would put you under pressure) or unpaid overtime

  • Have the confidence to go for that promotion or to ask for that pay rise

  • Confidently stand up to workplace bullies

  • Become a natural leader

  • Become a confident public speaker

  • Be able to ask for help, instead of feeling that you have to do it all yourself

  • Feel comfortable and confident with delegating work, knowing that it will be done effectively

I spent most of the week away at a trade show in Melbourne only getting back late last night. It was really hectic from early in the morning until quite late each night. In years gone by, this type of thing really didn’t work for me, I felt tired and stressed and grumpy a lot of the time. This time around I absolutely loved every minute. I’m so happy! 😊


I’m feeling “On top of the world”.  Feeling very inspired after the session. It’s like the fogginess has gone and I’m seeing things with my business much more clearly – suffice to say I’ve been very creative ever since.



Kinesiology for Love
  • Heal the wounds of past hurts

  • Know that it is safe to open yourself up to love

  • Break down those walls that have been built high to protect yourself

  • Bring more joy into your current relationship

  • Bring more passion into your current relationship

  • Know that you are worthy/deserving of being loved

  • Break the patterns of being in the same type of destructive relationship over and over again

  • Have a loving, mutually beneficial relationship

I am doing well. Feeling great. I have loads of energy and a positive outlook. I’ve been thinking a lot about my past relationship and feel like I’m over it. Looking forward to being “someone’s ONE”. I even have a date tonight 🙂 



Kinesiology for Finances
  • Move from a psychology of “lack” to one of “abundance”

  • Feel abundant in all areas of your life

    • Love

    • Work

    • Friends/family

    • Money

    • Experiences

  • Learn how to manage your money effectively

  • Save up for your dreams (house, holiday, car etc) with ease

  • Be able to have fun now while still planning for your future

  • Know your financial worth and get paid accordingly

  • Be able to do the things that you want to do in life (travel, go to concerts/plays etc) because you know that you are worth it and you deserve happiness in your life


Kinesiology for Motivation
  • Gain the motivation to start (and continue) . . . .

    • Projects

    • Exercise

    • Healthy eating plan

    • Assignments / study

    • Housework

  • Have the motivation to follow through on your projects

  • Have the resilience to pick yourself back up after a setback and keep on going

I feel really good, excited actually. The more I buy into it, or just go with it, the more excited I’m becoming, just going to let go and rip into it. Gotta act now, which is great, because for ages I’ve felt stuck. It’s unreal. I love it. And thanks for your help Liesl, it’s awesome



Kinesiology for creativity
  • Rediscover your creativity

  • Know that we are all born with elements of creativity that we can tap into

  • Join that dance/art/ pottery/photography class that you have always dreamed about doing

  • Turn your creative passion into a business opportunity

  • Reconnect with the joy that being creative brings

  • Feel comfortable with your achievements no matter where you are along the creative scale

Thank u so much. I feel like a big massive door has opened and I have walked through and each step I’m finding new things. It’s truly amazing. So thank you for all the magic u do!!!



Kinesiology for bullying
  • Regain your self-confidence

  • Learn not to let the bully’s jabs affect you

  • No longer feel anxious about going to school/work/making new friends/voicing your opinion

  • Learn to focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses

  • Feel confident enough to stand to bullies at work and at school


Kinesiology for Family Harmony
  • Dissolve the impacts of growing up in ( . . . . ) household

    • Abusive

    • Alcoholic

    • Dysfunctional

    • Stoic

    • Non-affectionate

    • Critical

  • Create a more harmonious family environment

  • Reduce and dissolve tension between yourself and family members

  • Find creative loving ways to have fun with your family

  • Bring joy and happiness back into your family environment

  • Nurture your family while continuing to nurture yourself

  • Be able to deal with family conflicts in a calm and rational manner

Sexual Assault

Kinesiology for sexual abuse
  • No longer live in the event

  • No longer have flashbacks to the event

  • Regain trust again in the sex/profession of the perpetrator

  • Open yourself up again to a loving relationship

  • Come to enjoy having a sex again

  • Forgive yourself the event

  • Forgive the perpetrator for the event

  • Learn to your trust your instincts

  • Regain your sense of self

  • Learn to love yourself

  • Allow other people to love you

  • Know that now is the time to make the event a chapter in your story of life, not your whole story

  • Become ready to step back into the world again

  • Don’t doubt your actions