The concept of manifesting our desires have been around for a while now. The book “The Secret” certainly helped bring it to the forefront in people’s minds. Now the world is filled with three types of people

  1. People who believe that manifesting works

  2. People who believe that manifesting is a bunch of horse hooey

  3. People who have never heard of the concept of manifesting


As part of my Daily Card Reading, I got a message at the beginning of March to remind myself of the power of manifesting. That it was something specific for me that would be (potentially) occurring in five years’ time. But I had to start laying the groundwork for it now. To get the energetics in motion. Pulling all of the many pieces together, creating the right set of scenarios, so that my desired outcome will occur. I had to start setting the wheels in motion now. And I was to create two healings for this.


When I asked if I could share this healing with the world, I got permission to do so. These two healings need to be done five weeks apart. Here is the first one.

Part 1 – Laying the Groundwork

When looking to manifest a desire into your life, it is essential to lay the groundwork first. i.e. clearing out all of the limiting beliefs that might be preventing you from being a manifestation machine 😉

  • You don’t deserve it or that you are unworthy of it

  • Good things never happen to you

  • It will just be taken away from me

  • I can’t afford it

  • Nothing ever works out for me

When you have beliefs like this going through your head all of the time, you become the reverse of a manifestation machine. I don’t know what to call it, but it’s like you have a big neon sign above your head saying “Fuck Off, No opportunities for me”. This reverse magnetism will prevent you from manifesting what your heart desires, every time.

This is why Part 1 of this two-part healing is so essential.

The Process

God has stepped forth to do this healing today. And here is the process

Allocate a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to yourself (if you have a day off during the week, use that) and lock yourself in your bedroom. Advise your family/flatmates that no one is to disturb you while this healing is occurring. Put your phone onto both silent and flight mode.

Hop into bed and say the following words


I am ready to release my limiting beliefs around manifesting my hearts desires

I am ready to let go of any feelings of being undeserving

I am ready to let go of any feelings of being unworthy

I am ready to let go of my doubts around the power of manifesting


Please prepare within me, fertile soil

Soil that is ready to receive the seeds of my desires

Soil that has been nourished and fertilised with the vibration of Abundance”


You can say it out loud or silently. Then close your eyes and wait. It’s ok to let your mind wander, be open to anything that pops into your head. I generally fall asleep during these healings. So, I tend to think of them as being doubly beneficial. I get a sleep and a healing.


Please note: If I have channelled a personalised healing for you as part of your homework. You will need to wait two days until you can do this healing.

What to expect

If you are energetically sensitive, you might feel God’s presence while he is healing you.

Please to open to the following (this list is based on what I have experienced and what my clients tell me that they have experienced)

  • You might feel someone working in your energetic field or you might not

  • You might feel sensations through your body, like electric currents or warm tingly sensations, or you might not

  • You might feel that someone is physically in the room with you or touching you, like holding your hand or applying pressure to your body or you might not

  • You might feel a change in temperature or you might not

  • You might get messages via images or a repeated phrase or you might not

  • You might fall asleep or you might not

Any of these could occur. It usually depends on how energetically sensitive you are.


When I did this healing, it took me about 2-3 minutes to fall asleep. Which is unusual, because usually, I am out like a light. I also woke up a couple of times. Each time I did wake up, I asked the question “Is the healing finished yet?” And for the first two times, the answer was no. This answer floated into my mind. I didn’t have to muscle test it. The third time I woke up, I asked the same question and the answer was “in three minutes”. So, I knew that I could stay awake.

Once the three minutes was up. I felt this immense tingling sensation throughout my abdomen. Which was the groundwork anchoring into my energetic being. This tingling sensation latest for about 10 minutes. If you do experience the tingling sensation at the end. I recommend staying in bed until it is finished. That also means not looking at your phone or tablet. No distractions allowed 😉

All in all, I would say the entire process was about two and a half hours long

We need to allow the energetics of this healing to work their magic over the next month and a bit. We follow up with the second healing, 5 weeks after the first one.

I hope that you enjoy 😊

I would love to hear about your experiences with this healing. While I can’t seem to figure out how to get the comments section working on my website. You can drop me a line via my email or the contact me page 😊

About me

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