STOP: If you have not yet done the first healing, then go back and do it. Wait 5 weeks and then do this healing.

Part 2 will not work if you have not done Part 1.

Part 2 will not work if you don’t wait 5 weeks


Well now that that public service announcement is out of the way, let’s continue. I hope that you have had a good five weeks. And are excited to start Part 2 of the Manifestation Healings.

Archangel Michael is stepping in for this second healing. Archangel Michael is known as the Archangel of protection, strength and courage. He also helps you with finding your life purpose.

The process will be similar to Part 1

Allocate a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to yourself (if you have a day off during the week, use that) and lock yourself in your bedroom. Advise your family/flatmates that no one is to disturb you while this healing is occurring. Put your phone onto both silent and flight mode.

Hop into bed and say the following words

“Archangel Michael,

See into my heart

Within my heart lies my true desires

Archangel Michael,

Look into my future

See the many potential roads waiting for me

Archangel Michael,

I am seeking your assistance in merging my hearts desires with that that is for my best and highest good”

You can say it out loud or silently. Then close your eyes and wait. It’s ok to let your mind wander, be open to anything that pops into your head. I generally fall asleep during these healings. So, I tend to think of them as being doubly beneficial. I get sleep and a healing.

If you are energetically sensitive, you might feel Archangel Michael’s presence while he is healing you.

What to expect: Please to open to the following (this list is based on what I have experienced and what my clients tell me that they have experienced)

  • You might feel someone working in your energetic field or you might not

  • You might feel sensations through your body, like electric currents or warm tingly sensations, or you might not

  • You might feel that someone is physically in the room with you or touching  you, like holding your hand or applying pressure to your body or you might not

  • You might feel a change in temperature or you might not

  • You might get messages via images or a repeated phrase or you might not

  • You might fall asleep or you might not

Any of these could occur or none of them could occur. It usually depends on how energetically sensitive you are.

Once you wake up, there is a second part to this healing. Archangel Michael is asking you to give back. To give back to the world. Archangel Michael is asking you to do three acts of kindness over the next week. What these acts of kindness are, he is going to leave up to you.

Hi, My name is Liesl Frank and I am several things. I am psychic, I am a Kinesiologist, I am a channeller of energetic healings. Which is why I call myself a Psychic Kinesiologist. My passion is helping people to discover who they truly are. Not who the world tells them they should be. I help my clients to wake up and remember how truly amazing they are.

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xXx Liesl

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