Anxiety sucks. Having your life being controlled by anxiety, sucks even more. Anxiety can fill your life with fear: Fear of what people think about you, fear of having a panic attack, fear of driving in peak hour traffic, fear of phobias etc. Which is why I love helping people dissolve their anxiety, as I have helped Lucy.

Anxiety Panic Attacks

The Client

Lucy is a 35 year old female who has experienced anxiety on and off for over 10 years. It surfaced when Lucy was working in London. Lucy felt lonely and unhappy and was always doubting herself both at work and in social situations. Growing up, Lucy watched her parents constantly fight before they finally got divorced when she was 12. As a teenager, Lucy was shy and always had a dominating friend.


When you experience anxiety every day

Over the past year Lucy’s anxiety had gotten worse. Her son constantly screamed for the first six months of his life and because all of her and her husband’s families live overseas, she felt really isolated and that she had nowhere to turn for support.

Lucy no longer wanted to feel this way and decided to try Kinesiology to turn her life around.

The Healing Process

We worked on a number of issues over an eleven month period (10 sessions in total), including:

  • It’s safe to express herself freely

  • Feeling safe to show her true self with her friends

  • Being confident in her knowledge when speaking with her bosses

  • Being good enough to live the life of her dreams

Anxiety Free Life
  • That it’s impossible to make money from her passion

  • You can only be happy, after you have achieved everything

  • That it is impossible to have a healthy, happy, loving marriage


When I last saw Lucy, she was in the final stages of planning her wedding (a month away). Lucy mentioned that she felt confident and carefree. She was feeling comfortable with herself around her bosses, her friends and her family members.

Lucy’s observations on her healing journey 

When I first contacted Liesl, all those months ago, I was seriously depressed & contemplating seeking medical help to commence anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication. Thankfully I came into contact with Liesl & Kinesiology.

Having had a very positive outcome from Kinesiology in the past, I was hopeful for the same result this time round. To be honest I noticed an improvement in my mental health almost immediately as did my partner. I started to focus more on myself rather than worrying about everybody else’s welfare around me. Over time I became more confident in my personal & work life, with my main ambition being anxiety free for my wedding day a year after starting kinesiology.


Anxiety free wedding

I can honestly say I had one of the most amazing days of my life & had absolutely no signs of anxiety. I feel like Kinesiology has helped me immensely & I plan to continue treatment to keep me on a positive path. Thanks again Liesl you’re the best!!!

Final Thoughts

If you are tired of living with Anxiety and want a drug free solution, then Kinesiology is the answer. The beauty about Kinesiology is that it is able to identify the real causes of your Anxiety. In my experience, it boils down to three key aspects

  1. Feeling that you are not good enough

  2. Feeling that you have to be perfect to be loved

  3. Needing to control everything to keep yourself safe

Now there are other elements, other nuances particular to you, but these always seem to be at the core. And the beauty with Kinesiology, is that once we have identified these causes, we can clear them so that they don’t affect you anymore. I don’t give you an Anxiety management plan, I give you an Anxiety free life. If you are willing to do the number of treatments necessary, then you can change your life.

If you want to know more, then check out the rest of my website. My what I specialise in page details the areas that I love to work on. If you are wondering how Kinesiology works and why it’s so awesome, visit the what is Kinesiology page. If you would like to know a bit more about me, then this is page for you

xXx Liesl

Liesl Frank Holistic Kinesiologist