All we want is L.O.V.E.

All we want is L.O.V.E.

All we want is love, love, love!!!

As February is home both to Valentine’s Day and those born under the Pisces star sign (which I have been told is the most romantic of all the star signs). I thought that I would dedicate this month’s newsletter to love L.O.V.E love.

We all want the stuff sold to us by Disney and all those Fairy Tales that we grew up with. To have our happily ever after! So what stands in the way of us and this desired love?
• Sometimes we have had a bad break up
• It could be that one of our partners cheated on us and we can no longer trust love. Or begin to believe that if we trust love, we will be betrayed
• That we saw our parents go through a bitter divorce and believe that love equals hurt and pain
• Or sometimes it can even be the fact that we grow up believing that we are unlovable or that we are unworthy of love
• There can be hundreds of reasons as to why love and relationships can be a minefield to transverse

If you want to have a fresh start with love: either attracting a new partner, strengthening your current relationship or healing the wounds of your past, then Kinesiology is a great tool that can help you to achieve these goals

How so, I hear you ask? Well Kinesiology can help you to uncover the barriers that you may have in relation to love. I regularly see Limiting Beliefs; Self-Sabotaging Patterns; and Surrogating Behaviours in my sessions with clients and they all have an impact on the ability to let love into your life. So what are they?

Limiting Beliefs are belief systems that we have in place, that we believe are reality, when they really aren’t. They are our perception of reality, and if we don’t identify them and correct (dissolve) them, then we will keep on playing out that belief. I will give you some examples (I have my client’s permission to share these with you)

• “I am open to letting love into my life” – No
• “I am always punished in love” – Yes
• “I am a last resort for love” – Yes
• “I am too damaged to be loved” – Yes
• “Nobody can love me” – Yes
Can you see how if you have these limiting beliefs rolling around in your head, then it is going to be very different to start or stay in a loving relationship?

Self-Sabotaging Patterns – these go just that one step further than the limiting belief, because if we have these patterns in place. Then we will willingly put ourselves into situations where we know it will prove our beliefs. i.e.
• If you have a belief that you will always be betrayed in love, then you will attract / be attracted to the type of partner that will betray you.
• Or if you believe that you are unlovable, you will go after potential partners that are not interested in you, therefore reinforcing the belief that you are unlovable and nobody wants to be with you

Surrogating Behaviours is an interesting beast, because they aren’t even our beliefs at all. A surrogation occurs where we have been in an environment where we have exposed to particularly strong beliefs.
• e.g. It can be very likely that the children of an anxious parent, will start developing traits of anxiety. But the child/children are not truly anxious, it’s just what they have been exposed to all of their lives. They believe that this is how they are meant to act.

So too when it comes to understanding love. If children see their parents go through a messy break-up, or that one partner has an affair, etc. Then they can begin to adopt their parent’s attitudes around love. Here are some examples of surrogating attitudes around love from one of my client’s (once again, I have their permission to share this)

One of the parents of this particular client had had an affair. My client begun to surrogate her other parent’s limiting beliefs
• “They felt abandoned by love”
• “They believed that they could no longer trust love”
My client adopted these beliefs from her parent (surrogation) when she was a young girl and believed them for 30 years until we corrected them last year. Can you see how they might have impacted on her relationships in the past?

So if would like to improve your chances at a happy, healthy, loving relationship, then why not allow Kinesiology to unburden you from your past and give you freedom for your future.


Liesl Frank

Liesl (a Holistic Kinesiologist) is passionate about helping you to create and embrace your new life. Liesl excels at identifying and clearing any limiting beliefs or blocks stopping you from achieving the life that you want. Liesl is committed to supporting you along every part of your journey. To discover how Liesl can help you visit the what I specialise in page. If you are wondering how Kinesiology works, visit the what is Kinesiology page.