If you have had a Kinesiology session (or maybe even a chiropractic session), you would have experienced muscle testing. A lot of my clients refer to it as “magic”, because they are so amazed at how accurate it can be. How can I find out all of these events in their life / about what they are feeling / believing when I have only just met them???
The answer is that the body knows, the body remembers every single thing that has happened to you / every single thing that you have felt in your life. It’s all tucked away in your subconscious mind. And muscle testing is a technique that allows us to access the subconscious mind. So you might be wondering, “can I access what’s in my subconscious mind?” and the answer is Yes – Yes you can!!! With Self Muscle Testing

I have been teaching my clients the techniques of “self muscle testing” so that they can support themselves between their sessions. It has been quite beneficial for them so I thought that I would share a training video with you on Self Muscle Testing. Part of the video details the “self muscle testing” technique. And the other part details how you can use “self muscle testing” in your every day life. Now I must confess that this is my first ever video and I have not yet learnt “how to edit”. That being said, I hope that you enjoy the video and the most important thing is that you practise, practise, practise. You didn’t learn how to drive a car after a short video and it is the same with muscle testing.

Liesl Frank

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