The Client

Separation Anxiety in Children

David is a five year old boy, suffering from separation anxiety. In July 2015, while on holidays in Thailand, David got stuck in a toilet and had a panic attack. Since then, David will not go into any public toilets (or lifts) and he won’t let his mother close or lock any doors.


The family also competed in the Colour Run in August 2015, and David thought that he had lost his parents and he just fell apart. He was screaming and crying and was inconsolable.

One of the side effects of this anxiety has led David to constantly bite his nails.

Session 1

For the first session, we needed to work on the Amygdala – which controls our Fight and Flight response. The two incidents listed above indicate that David’s Amygdala has stayed activated.

Usually, when we are in danger, the Amygdala will swing into action, sending the hormones: adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisol racing through our bodies.

What to do

It sends energy away from our digestive system and into our legs and arms so that we can either fight or run away (flight). Once our brain signals that the danger is over, our brain stops the hormones, and our body’s systems return to normal. However, if the Amygdala doesn’t shut off the adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisol, that can leave us in a heightened state of anxiety.

David’s Amygdala was still activated around the responses of Fear, Freeze and Flight. I activated acupuncture points to switch this response off.

We also had to address some limiting beliefs that David was holding onto e.g.

  • I have no one – Yes

  • It’s all my fault – Yes

  • I deserve to suffer – Yes

We cleared these beliefs, using a combination of sound healing, acupuncture points, and vibrational essences and sprays

Session 2

In the second session we had to go back to a time when David was 1 year, 2 months, 2 weeks and 3 days old. At this age, David had formed a number of limiting beliefs e.g.

  • It’s safe for me to shine – No

  • I have to hide all the amazing things about me – Yes

  • I have to carry the world on my shoulders – Yes


Allowing your child to be themselves


We cleared these beliefs with a combination of acupuncture points, sound healing and vibrational essences.

Session 3

In this session, we went somewhere amazing. Two limiting beliefs came up

  • I have to worry about everything – Yes

  • I fear being lost – Yes

My intuition told me that this last belief wasn’t related to this life. We actually had to go back to the time between David’s 135th & 134th past lives. The time between reincarnations.

Leaving your old life behind
How past lives can affect this life

The two beliefs that we found were:

  • I can’t find where I am meant to be – Yes

  • I can’t find my way home – Yes

What this related to was that David’s soul feared that it wasn’t in the right place for its next incarnation. And then panic set in that he wouldn’t be able to get to the right place in time and he would be lost.

We cleared these beliefs (both past and present) using a combination of acupuncture points, sound healing and vibrational essences.

The Results

David has become a bright bubbly gorgeous little boy. His mother mentioned that he announced to her one day – that he was no longer going to bite his nails. And she also mentioned that David no longer fears going into lifts.


What David thought of the process

I liked lying down.

I liked the sprinkly drops on me and the nice smells. (the vibrational sprays)

I liked the chime sounds but her arm must get tired playing them for so long! (the sound healings)

How David’s Mum felt about it all

I decided to try kinesiology after speaking to someone who had had her own success with kinesiology sessions.  Being aware of David’s anxiety, I had tried psychology, calm parenting techniques I had researched on the internet and I maintained a whole foods diet (eliminating sugar, preservatives etc) but I knew that I needed something ‘more’.

David was nervous about his first session but soon felt safe and comfortable.  He loved the sound therapy, the crystals and the aromatherapy.  I think he felt like it was a real pampering session!


David’s anxiety has definitely eased.  He will now happily leave my side to walk a dog with my friend or be in a different room from me with someone else.  He is ok to have the bathroom door closed and he will go into lifts.  He still doesn’t LOVE underground car parks so we don’t use them but if I explain that it is our only choice, he takes it in his stride and doesn’t go into a ‘melt down’ like he did in the past.


Recovery from child separation anxiety

For others with kids who experience anxiety, I would highly recommend kinesiology.  The results are gradual and quite subtle but extremely effective and life changing.

If you want to know more, then check out the rest of my website. My what I specialise in page details the areas that I love to work on. If you are wondering how Kinesiology works and why it’s so awesome, visit the what is Kinesiology page. If you would like to know a bit more about me, then this is page for you

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