What is fulfilment and why is it important?

I believe that

  • Fulfilment is when you are truly aligned with your soul

  • Fulfilment is when you are able to take the time to do what brings you joy

  • Fulfilment is a life full of the simple pleasures

As I was writing this blog at the beach (one of my most favourite places to be), a butterfly flew past me. And that filled me with such joy

I believe that fulfilment is finding joy in everything that you do

  • I feel fulfilment when I help clients out of their numbness


Butterfly brings me joy
  • I feel fulfilment when I am painting

  • I feel fulfilment when I see cockatoos do crazy things or watch Lorikeets eat the flowers on bottlebrush trees

But what if you feel unfulfilled?

How are you supposed from a state of being unfulfilled to being fulfilled?

And no, you don’t have to chuck in your job or go work for nothing

You can build up your fulfilment quota increment by increment


And you can start increasing your fulfilment quota by doing the things that bring you joy

Are there certain locales that bring you joy?

  • The beach?

  • A park

  • The mountains?

  • Make time to go there

Are there activities that bring you joy?

  • Dancing

  • Yoga

  • Seeing a movie

  • Catching up with friends

  • Being artistic

Make time to do that

What brings you joy

Make time for yourself every single week

Whether it be 30 minutes or a couple of hours or even a whole day

Make the time to stop being a mum or a dad, a partner or a worker and start being “you”

Make time for yourself

Find what you love and start doing that

You never know where that could take you

I know one thing for sure

  • When you make “you” a priority, you are telling the universe I matter

  • When you make “you” a priority, you become happier

  • When you make “you” a priority, amazing things can happen

why fulfillment is important

Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

Do you want a life more fulfilling?

Kinesiology can help you change your life


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xXx Liesl

Liesl Frank Holistic Kinesiologist