While Anger is a very healthy emotion, sometimes it can get us into trouble if it is not expressed appropriately.

This healing has been channelled to help all of those who are feeling the pressures of the current shutdown. And who can feel their frustrations bubble across into anger and resentment. And the problem with bottled up anger and resentment is that it can (unfortunately) burst out of us at the wrong time in the wrong way. And we might end up saying things that we never meant to and that we cannot take back

This energetic healing can be done in a variety of ways

  • As a power snooze (approx. 20 mins)

  • As an afternoon nap

  • At night when you go to sleep

It can also be done EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

If you are going to do the healing as an afternoon nap or power snooze, please make sure that your phone and smart watch are on (true) silent, and that your family and flatmates know not to disturb you until you come out of the room. 

Energetic Healing for Releasing Anger

The energetic being who is coming through to do this healing, is in my experience, the most effective way to rid yourself of anger, frustration, resentment and rage. Typhon is a Greek Titan and it is very very real. I have been working with Typhon, both personally and with my clients, for the last 4 years with fantastic results.


So, if you are after a fast way to release your anger, frustration, resentment and rage and you trust me, all you have to do is hop into bed and say the following words



At the moment I am feeling a lot of anger and resentment towards . . . . [insert the name of the person/s here]

Can you please help me release these feelings


You can say it out loud or silently. Then close your eyes and wait to fall asleep. It’s ok to let your mind wander, be open to anything that pops into your head. 

If you are energetically sensitive, you might feel his presence while he is healing you.

What to expect: Please to open to the following (this list is based on what I have experienced and what my clients tell me that they have experienced)

  • You might feel someone working in your energetic field or you might not

  • You might feel sensations through your body, like electric currents or warm tingly sensations, or you might not

  • You might feel that someone is physically in the room with you or touching you, like holding your hand or applying pressure to your body or you might not

  • You might feel a change in temperature or you might not

  • You might get messages via images or a repeated phrase or you might not

  • You might fall asleep or you might not

Any of these could occur. It usually depends on how energetically sensitive you are. More than likely, you will fall straight to sleep.

When you wake up, just go about your day as normal

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