Are you ready to feel light and freedom in your soul

Lightness in your Mind

Kinesiology Lightness in your mind
  • Free your mind of anxiety, stress and depression

  • Free your mind of the doubts, the should have’s and have to’s

  • Free your mind from obsessive thoughts

  • Remember what it feels like to laugh and experience joy again

  • Find that calm place in your mind

  • Know instantly what is right for you, that you are making the right choice and to always trust your gut

  • Learn to love living in the present moment

I feel like I have climbed out of this pit, this dark tunnel. Everything is starting to feel light and alive now. It’s great waking up each morning feeling happy and excited


Thank you Very much Liesl!  I have seen physiologist. Well I walked out of your clinic like a massive weight had lifted off me I feel so free and I have never felt like this in a long time. Just like to say a massive thank you. Words can’t describe! I feel like a totally different person!


Lightness in your Heart

Lightness in your heart
  • Remember what it is like to love life with all of your heart

  • Remember what it is like to have the excitement of a child

  • Know that you are both worthy and deserving of unconditional love

  • Know that you are / or will be the love of someone’s life

  • Strengthen the love in your current relationship

  • Recover from heartache and betrayal so that you are free to love fully and wholly again

I’m feeling much more happier and stronger than I have for a long long time. Like I did back in my 20’s. Back when life was fun and I was excited about the future.


I’ve never felt so content / happy with myself and need to get another magic session from you


Lightness in your Spirit

Kinesiology Lightness in your spirit
  • Remember what it feels like to feel free

  • To feel free to do what you love

  • To feel free to pursue your dreams

  • To feel free to walk to the beat of your own drum

  • To tap into the stream of abundance

  • Release the restraints of living up to other people’s expectations

  • Begin your journey of identifying your life purpose

I walked into my session with Liesl feeling like a total wreck. Now I feel amazing and I am sure that I am on the right path


I feel lighter . . . unshackled from my own pressure . . . I feel worthy . . . a source for others . . . Loved/lovable . . . I have a sense that I’m free


I know that this is possible, because I have achieved this myself through Kinesiology, and so have my clients. I transitioned from being depressed and feeling numb to feeling light and carefree. And I knew that this is what I had to do. I had to help others do the same. This was my life purpose.  

Which is why I became a Holistic Kinesiologist (or I like to joke, a Kinesi-WTF-ologist). As I have progressed along my own healing journey, my psychic abilities have awoken and blossomed. So now I am standing in my truth and announcing to the world that I am a Psychic Kinesiologist.

Liesl Frank

Thank you so much for today and everything really! I’m so happy and grateful to have your help with this thing called life! Thank you for following your intuition and becoming who you are.  You’ve helped me find excitement for my own reality. Bring it all on!!!


What is Psychic Kinesiology?

Psychic Kinesiology

Now that my psychic abilities have awoken (and we are all naturally psychic including you – you can read my blog about it), I find that a whole new world has opened up for me. My psychic talent lays in the field of hearing my clients’ limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are the beliefs that we hold in our conscious and subconscious minds that keep us small, that hold us back from achieving our dreams and living the life that we want to live.

Being able to hear your limiting beliefs makes your sessions a whole lot easier. Especially if you dislike having to do all of the “talking” that usually comes with therapy. Once I have permission to connect in with you, I can “hear” what your soul wants to work on. How your subconscious mind is blocking what your soul wants to achieve. And what we need to do to get the subconscious mind on board with your soul’s grand plans.

Based on your soul’s guidance, I will take the session wherever it needs to go. If we need to go to a time earlier in your life, a past life or even in-between lives. I can access all points in your soul’s timeline and facilitate healing there.

After my session, I had the best day ever. I felt really light, positive and happy afterwards. It was great. I am not stressed out like I was before the session. Thank you. I can’t wait for my next session.


Oh my Gosh, I feel so much better! I just feel clearer and like I have come out of this haze. Like obviously, nothing is obviously magically better, but I feel more aware of what is going on with my heart and body. With what I need (and being okay with honouring that). And it’s making it easier for me to do the work I know I need to do right now. Thank you so much.


Why choose me?

I work by tapping directly into your soul to innately heal what your soul wants you to heal. To help bring your purpose into the everyday life, which will then open up opportunities along your path. Because I believe that when we are in alignment with our soul, our path becomes clear.

So . . . .

  • If you are ready to work on discovering your life purpose

  • If you want to live an abundant life

  • If you are ready to live a life with freedom in your heart

  • If you are ready to start putting yourself first

  • If you are ready to chase your dreams

  • If you are willing to walk a little on the weird side to get results . . . . . because when you walk in my world, anything is possible

Then let’s get started

How to find your life purpose

Does WEIRD really work? Jason’s Story

When I first started seeing Liesl, I was in a dark and difficult place, living with anxiety and depression. Having tried medication in the past and having been in therapy for several years I had definitely made significant progress, but life threw some curve balls, as it does, and I found myself stuck. I felt that there had to be another way of helping myself to find some freedom.

Enter Liesl. To be totally honest, I found the first number of sessions challenging and amazing all at once. My heart was telling me this was right. Yet my head was spinning a completely different story. I struggled to believe and trust in what was happening. I was sceptical and also very honest with Liesl that I struggled with how this was helping me. Weird stuff happened in each session, most of it requiring a leap of faith for my rationale mind (I’m a lawyer in my daily life!). Yet I fundamentally started to feel different.

Despite my doubts, I chose to continue and Liesl was completely patient and open to my questions and my strong doubts. She encouraged me to continue and the sceptical part of me thought “well of course….she needs to make a buck”. Yet another part of me trusted and knew that she was 100 percent genuine and in it not because it served her, but because she truly believed it served me. And I have never doubted she is completely on my side, working with me wherever I’m at.

Kinesiology helps with Depression
Depressed man after receiving Kinesiology

I’ve thrown some curveballs, and she has remained always present, totally open, completely accepting of whatever is there and always on my side. I have found in Liesl a loyal and dedicated ally in my healing process. I have learned to suspend belief and accept the learning and healing that is gifted to me in each session and in between.

Several months on, I feel fundamentally different. I am on medication again, this time different, and also right because the decision was made clearer to me through Liesl’s help. Yet it’s not just medication that has made the difference. As I said, I had been down the medication path before and it definitely has helped to some extent.

However, I truly believe it’s the uprooting and weeding of deep seated beliefs through the sessions with Liesl which has accelerated and augmented my healing process. I cannot explain it rationally, yet I trust and believe that the sessions with Liesl have significantly contributed to my healing. It’s an ongoing journey and I feel so much better, trusting, faithful and empowered. 

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