Kinesiology for Kids
I want my happy child back

Once you have children, you only want the best for them. You want them to grow up strong and healthy, happy and adventurous, caring and compassionate. You want to see them get along with their brothers and sisters, and with their friends at school. You want their childhood years to be full of fun and laughter.

So it can be heart breaking, when you see your child’s personality start to change.

Have you found that your once happy child is now withdrawn and not communicating with you? Do you feel helpless when all you really want to do is help and protect them? Are you concerned they are being bullied, that they’re depressed, or just not coping with everyday life?

Would you like to have your happy, vibrant child return to you?

Then I’d love to help.

Kinesiology for kids lack of confidence

Kinesiology for Kids

Kinesiology is a great treatment for Kids. Kinesiology is completely natural and works with the body’s own innate knowledge of what it needs to heal itself. It’s a drug free solution to helping your children becoming the best version of themselves that they can be. Where they can let their own unique light shine and they are proud of who they are.

Toni felt so much more relaxed with you & the process on Saturday and as a result, really enjoyed the session… She has seemed on cloud 9 all weekend, laughing and relaxed which I love to see… She was blown away by the beautiful crystals (that you loaned her) and has them proudly displayed next to her bed…

Thank you so much for treating her with such warmth & kindness.. From 2 sessions I can feel the shift in her & her thoughts are that she just feels ‘happier’


How I can help your child

Confidence & Self-esteem: If your child has always been shy or if you have noticed that they are becoming more withdrawn of late. I can help your child rediscover their natural confidence, so they know that they are a great kid and that their friends enjoy being around them. They will have the strength and courage to stand up for themselves

Kinesiology for Kids confidence

Bella is just blossoming and I’m loving having my happy girl back again :-). We’re really looking forward to the next session with you


Daniel has more confidence in himself. We went to a festival on Saturday and he really enjoyed it. We went to the same festival last year and he couldn’t even walk into it. That’s a huge positive change. Thanks for being so helpful with him

child social anxiety

Stress & Anxiety: I look for the root causes of why your child is stressed or anxious and dissolve them. I help them to discover calmer ways of handling potentially stressful situations

Zara has been so good, so much more positive . . . . She came home from school on Monday telling me that she had decided not to worry because she has the time to learn. And people will show her how to do things if she can’t do them. I nearly fell off my chair 😀 I am so thrilled with what you have done for Zara 😀 😀 😀


My son leapt happily down the street after his session and has chosen to place the quartz crystals by his bed to remind him of the calm you created. He says that he feels “happy and active”. He is definitely sleeping better too.


Being Bullied: It’s always such a sad moment to discover that your child is being bullied. I help to dissolve the trauma that comes from being bullied. I help your child to gain the confidence and strength to not let the actions of bullies affect them.

Being the Bully: None of us want to admit that our child is a bully, however if you are receiving reports from your child’s school, that they are bullying other children, then this is an area I can help in. I look into the reasons behind the actions of bullying, dissolve them and help your child to form more harmonious relationships with other children

Child bullying
Sibling rivary

Sibling Rivalry: Are your children are showing signs of jealousy towards their other siblings. Do they tend to tease or lash out at them? I look into the causes for this jealousy and work to dissolve them, so that family time becomes a loving joyful experience

If you would like to see how Kinesiology sessions work, here is a case study of a seven year girl recovering from bullying

What is involved on a Kinesiology session?

Before the session, I’ll get you to ask your child to write down or draw what they are currently feeling and bring it into the first session. During the first session, we have a chat about what concerns you have for your child, the changes that you have noticed, and discuss any instances that have occurred. I also ask your child these questions too.

For children up to the age of 14, I like to have the parent remain in the room during the session. However, I have found that, once the child (teenager) is 15 and up, they are more open in what they tell me, once their parents have left the room.

Giving your child the help that they need

I asked my son (on the way to school) how he was feeling and he said “I feel good. I always feel calm after seeing Liesl”


I will use muscle testing techniques to put a positive goal into circuit. And then look to find any negative belief patterns that may be running in the background e.g. “Nobody could ever like me”. Then I apply the appropriate correction, which could be either acupressure points, crystal healing, sound healing, affirmations, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Flower Essences etc

After the correction has been applied, I retest the negative beliefs to see if they have shifted. I finished the session by checking if there is any homework needed, and when the next session needs to be.

Thanks for your help with Ellie, she is doing really well and actually looks forward to school every day. She has made a lot of new friends and is a changed little girl


How many sessions will it take?

The younger the child, the less sessions needed. This is because they have not yet piled layers and layers of coping and compensation on top of the issues.

For primary school aged children: approximately five to seven 1x hour sessions would be needed

For high school aged children: approximately six to eight 1x hour (13-14 years old) or 1.5x hour (15 years +) sessions would be needed

You will begin to notice a change after the second or third session

Why am I so passionate about Kinesiology for Kids?

While I don’t have any children of my own, I know what it was like to grow up being constantly bullied throughout both primary and high school (and later in life in the work place too). I had zero confidence, zero self-esteem, I couldn’t stand up for myself and I honestly believed that nobody would want to be my friend. I thought of myself as being weird & different. And the only way that I could be liked was to become a version of what I thought people wanted me to be. But I could never figure it out, I could never figure out what version of me would be acceptable enough to be liked.

All of this was occurring in the late 70’s and the 80’s. Back then, you just had to suck it up. Put on a brave face and pretend that none of it affected you. All the while, little pieces of you were dying inside. The idea of going to therapy was only something that self-indulgent Americans did. I often see those memes on Facebook which say “If you could pass on a message to your younger self, what would it be?” And my answer is always “Kinesiology now”. It could have prevented decades of suffering.



Being anxious or lacking in self-confidence or the trauma of being bullied, doesn’t go away on its own. It just continues to fester away inside of you, digging a deeper and deeper hole of despair. And this is not just from my own personal experience. What I regularly see with my clients is negative thought patterns or self-sabotaging patterns are usually being set up around the age of five years old. And whether they are in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s or in some cases even 60’s, they are still carrying around the woundings from early childhood and it is affecting the way they live their lives.

And it is for these reasons that I am so passionate about helping children. Because I know that Kinesiology works, I know what a difference it makes to my clients lives, to my own life. I want the future generations coming through to be able to live their lives full of joy and happiness and child-like wonder.