Julie* is a 7 year old girl in second grade. At the beginning of this year, Julie’s school friends turned, and began to bully her. Especially one girl in particular. These friends started to spread rumours about Julie, and began to tease her about liking a particular boy.

All this bullying lead Julie to become anxious on Sunday nights and no longer wanting to go to school the next day.

What to do when your child is bullied

In Julie’s own words she felt “really down, her tummy felt mushy and gushy”. Julie couldn’t understand why her friends had suddenly become so spiteful and mean. The bullying had had an impact on Julie’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

I saw Julie for 5x one hour sessions over a four month period. In the sessions, as we worked on rebuilding Julie’s self-confidence and self-esteem, we identified a number of negative thought patterns. e.g.

What to do when your child is bullied
  • I am free – no

  • I am powerful – no

  • It’s safe to show the real me – no

  • If I show the real me, I will be rejected – yes

  • I am filled with positive energy – no

  • I act with confidence, enthusiasm & strength – no

Using a variety of corrections including eliminating the “fight & flight” response to the bullying, holding acupressure points, using flower essence, sound and crystal healings. We were able to dissolve these beliefs and help Julie to regain her self-confidence and self-esteem

The last time I saw Julie, she was a happy confident child who was glowing with joy and positivity.

If we can heal the effects of bullying when the child is still young, then it is possible to do it in a relatively quick amount of time. With the added bonus of giving our children to strength, courage and self-confidence that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. If you would like to know more about how Kinesiology works for children, visit my Kinesiology for Kids page

How to raise happy healthy children

Julie’s thoughts: “In the first few session I found it interesting how kinesiology works. I already felt a little bit more confident as I left. I found that through the process I could let things pass more easily. By the end of the process I felt much better comparing to how i felt before. Before I felt horrible seeing what I went through, but now I really can see that the girl bullying me had a lot more problems than I had.”

Julie’s mother’s thoughts: What prompted me to take my daughter Julie to see Liesl, was that I had become unsure how to support her through some bullying she had been experiencing. Julie had always enjoyed school, so I was surprised and concerned when I noticed changes in her attitude to attending. Julie could not verbalise her concerns – it was too painful. We found out she was being bullied by asking her to nod her head or write down a couple of words. I then attempted to discuss it with her in a number of different ways but this only seemed to ‘shut her down’.


Raising a healthy happy child

So I booked in to see Liesl, hoping that we could support Julie in a less confronting way. I also hoped that it would address the physical pain the bullying was causing, particularly in her stomach and throat. The process was so gentle and Liesl creates a space which is warm and ‘safe’ for kids. At the end of each session I noticed Julie was more ‘herself’, displaying joy and happiness. She’d often skip away from the session telling me how much she loved me.


Throughout the process Julie began to talk to me about her bullying experiences and we even managed to have a laugh about a couple of things. She said to me recently that if similar things were said to her again it might hurt her feelings a little but she wouldn’t take it personally. She is happily going to school again and I am very grateful to Liesl.

*Julie’s name has been changed. Julie’s mother has given me permission to share this case study with you

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