That Damn Subconscious Mind

Stuck in your comfort zone

While our conscious mind, and conscious memory can get a little foggy, a little forgetful from time to time. Our subconscious mind and body has a 100% photographic memory. It remembers everything!!!!!

Everything that has happened to us, everything that we have felt, everything that we believe. And sometimes, it runs programs that we don’t know about and that we certainly DON’T WANT it too.

So how do you say to your subconscious mind “Hey – stop doing that!!! That program no longer serves me”? This is where Kinesiology steps in. Kinesiology is a biofeedback technique that taps directly into your subconscious mind.

It’s early days but I must admit that I am starting to feel like I used too – pretty carefree and content. Thanks for whatever you did – I was quite skeptical but the results speak for themselves

What is Holistic Kinesiology?

Holistic Kinesiology focuses on how the mind interacts with the body. It is an integrative approach that explores the relationship between a client’s symptoms and their emotional / mental state. Using both counselling and body therapies, Kinesiology can help bring balance to one’s life.

Kinesiology helps you to gain an understanding of what’s going on inside your body and mind. By finding and exploring the root cause of a problem, you can unravel negative patterns and blockages that have been holding you back in life. This will allow you to freely move into a more positive, healthy way of living.

Holistic Kinesiology utilises a range of modalities including muscle monitoring, counselling, acupressure, tradition Chinese medicine, vibrational medicine (flower essences, sound, chakras, crystals and homeopathy), affirmations, past life healing and EFT (emotional freedom technique)

What is Kinesiology
Kinesiology corrections
Thank you so much for last night. I felt like you helped me eliminate a lot of my fear and I feet happier and more confident, that was the immediate effect that your treatment had on me.
I’m sure it will keep happening to me. That’s the power of Kinesiology. Thanks again

What can I expect in a Kinesiology session?

Have big dreams

I start by getting you to do a brain dump of what is going on in your life at the moment. This is your opportunity to get everything off your chest. We then discuss what you want your life to be like in two years’ time. With every session we are working towards this goal. Clearing the baggage from your past to achieve the future that you want.

Once up on the table, I will use my natural psychic talents and muscle monitoring techniques to connect with your subconscious mind to see where the blocks are i.e.

  • Do we need to look at any emotions currently affecting you?

  • Are there any attitudes and/or limiting beliefs hold you back?

  • Do we need to look at an incident from your past? Or a past life? Or are you worrying about something in the future?

My natural psychic ability allows me to quickly find your subconscious limiting beliefs. Once you are up on the table and we start chatting, they begin to pop into my head like flashing light bulbs. I write them down and then confirm (through muscle testing) that I have the wording 100% correct before we put them into circuit.

Once we have enough context around the goal, and your body gives me permission to correct. I will then apply the most appropriate correction for your body.

Each session of Kinesiology will be different from the last one, because different things are occurring in your life from week to week. Different issues will come up in each balance, which will lead to different corrections. Once you have decided on a positive goal that you would like to work towards, your body’s own natural healing system will indicate what it needs to heal itself.

Your body will also decide if you have any homework to do. The homework is very important, as it helps your body to continue the healing process between the sessions. It could be taking an essence, listening to a song, saying an affirmation etc. Your body will also decide when your next session will be.

Kinesiology in session
I’ve been feeling very light and positive since our session. Big things always seem to happen after our sessions. Thanks for working your magic. I’m very grateful

How does the process work?

If you are wondering how the Kinesiology healing process works, allow me to explain using a farming analogy.

  • Weeding: The weeding phase is where we identify all of the negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that are currently causing discomfort. And once they are identified, we clear them

  • Preparing the Soil: We then prepare your mind for your hopes and dreams. We are working on issues of self-worth, being good enough, being lovable and loving yourself, on your confidence etc. This stage can cause some emotional turmoil as we are completely turning the soil over and over again

  • Planting the Seed: The seed is that dream that you’ve had for a long long time, that for various reasons you thought that would never happen

  • Nourishing the Seed: We pour love, self-belief and self-confidence onto that dream that we planted in your heart

Kinesiology Farming Analogy
  • Allowing the Seed to take root: At this stage, you are beginning to believe the possibility of your dream becoming a reality

  • Watching the seed blossom into a fully formed tree: And then finally, after all that love, belief, confidence (and all of the healing that you have done) your dream is blossoming into reality

Your Soul has its own Healing Plan

Your soul wants you to be whole and happy and realigned with your true purpose in life.  And to facilitate this, it has its own healing plan for you. It wants to look at specific issues (from this life or past lives) in a specific order.

It might be the case that you are not subconsciously ready to dig into the deep important stuff to start off with. We might have to work on some surface stuff first before you have the strength to really delve into the core issues.

Or it could be a case of something completely left-field as was the case for one of my clients. We were working over several sessions to clear the limiting belief “My Soul has been Betrayed”. We both thought it had to do with love because her ex-husband had cheated on her. But in fact it was because she had stopped being an artist and went into a 9-5 job. Once we had cleared all limiting beliefs around not being able to make money being an artist, we cleared the “My Soul has been Betrayed” belief.

I have found that when my clients trust this process, even when weird shit comes up to start with. The information that we uncover, the attitudes and limiting beliefs that we discover are profound and make a huge difference to how my clients feel at the end of their session.

Soul guided Kinesiology
I feel amazing, I have been so calm and there have been a few situations, that definitely would have put the rage-o-meter to the test and surprisingly I have stayed so calm that even I was shocked! Thank you. Friday’s session was definitely the best session ever

How many sessions will I need?

Kinesiology for women

When I get asked this question, I am always reminded of two quotes:

    • One is from Shrek the movie: “Ogres are like Onions. We both have Layers”. It is the same with a lot of our core issues. There are many layers to an issue, and with each Kinesiology session, we remove one of the layers, until we can get to the heart of the problem.

    • The other is from the Pantene advertising commercials: “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen

If you want to understand a bit more about how many Kinesiology sessions you might need? Please read my blog “Why I can’t fix you in just one Kinesiology session”

Thank you, I feel stronger with every session! I can’t wait for the next session

To get the best results, the minimum number of sessions that you would need is:

  • Better sleep – six sessions

  • To reduce stress; improve your self-esteem / self-confidence / self-care; advance your career; sustain your motivation; and unleash your creativity – eight sessions

  • To recover from bullying and bring fun back into your family – ten sessions

  • To free yourself from anxiety; improve your finances; and open yourself up to love – twelve sessions

  • To banish the black dog (depression) and to recover from sexual assault  – 14 sessions

If you are committed to freeing yourself from your past and creating a better, brighter future, then I will be there every step of the way supporting you.

xXx Liesl

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