Joan felt that she had screwed up her life, because she had no kids, she wasn’t currently in a relationship and she felt that she had pushed all of her friends away. She believed that she was unworthy of love.

One of my beautiful clients, Joan*, has agreed to let me share her story in a Kinesiology Case Study. Her healing journey has taken her from a break down to being a superstar

The Client

Joan is a 41 year female suffering a breakdown. Joan had experienced depression and high anxiety on and off for 5 years. Joan was wrongly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which further fueled her anxiety. Joan feels that she has to keep pushing her emotions down, to suppress them. She feels that she is not allowed to fully experience her “sad bundle of emotions”. She felt that she had to act normal, to act “happy” when she was around people when she just wants to fall into a big heap.

When Joan was a teenager, her mother confided in her that she was cheating on Joan’s father. Joan’s mother would use her as an emotional counsellor and confidant. She also had to watch her father withdraw emotionally from the marriage and watched him have a mental break down. Joan felt a lot of guilt around this. 

Faking Happiness

Joan’s mother would also play the victim/martyr with her and would play favourites with all of her children.  Joan’s mother was very fond of manipulation and criticism and continues to do this still. This has scarred Joan deeply.

Joan was recently divorced from her soul mate. Joan felt that she rushed into her marriage and she found it very difficult to express how she truly felt to her husband (or to anyone for that matter). Joan mentioned that she spent a lot of time focusing on the past, playing out scenarios of what she could have done better. She was living in regret and was constantly beating herself up for her life choices. Joan confessed that she had totally lost her happiness, self-worth and self-esteem.


Life after a relationship breakup

Joan felt that she had screwed up her life because she had no kids, she wasn’t currently in a relationship and she felt that she had pushed all of her friends away. She believed that she was unworthy of love.

Joan’s treatments

At our very first session, I told Joan that if she could give me two years, I would completely turn her life around. I asked her to trust me and to trust the process. Thankfully she did 🙂 🙂 🙂 . I have been treating Joan for over two years now and watching the “true Joan” emerge has been a beautiful and rewarding process.

For the sake of this Case Study, I’m going to group Joan’s treatments into different stages (as the healing process is truly a journey of many steps).

The Healing Journey

Stage 1 – The start of the Journey – 9x weekly 1.5 hour sessions

When Joan first came to see me, her brain function was completely whacked. All of her brain integration and communication pathways were not working properly. The very first session was spent using acupuncture points to get her brain communicating again, so that she could function.

Over the next eight sessions, we delved into such issues as:

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Suppressing her emotions

  • Feeling abandoned

  • Feeling unworthy of love

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Suppressing her emotions

  • Feeling abandoned

  • Feeling unworthy of love

We uncovered a lot of limiting beliefs like:

  • I am comfortably numb – Yes

  • I am abandoned – Yes (it took six sessions to clear this belief)

  • Nobody can love me – Yes

  • I have to sacrifice myself in order to be loved – Yes

  • My mother is a role model when it comes to relationships – Yes

  • I receive only conditional love – Yes

  • I have to compete for love – Yes

  • I am always punished in love – Yes

  • My fear drives my decisions – Yes

  • If I achieve more than the ones that I love, I will be punished – Yes

During the times in between sessions, Joan experienced a variety of different feelings and emotions. At the beginning, she felt disconnected and felt like she was pouring concrete down her throat to push down all of her emotions and build a wall around her heart. She experienced feelings of self-hatred, unworthiness, pain and sadness. Once Joan did start connecting with her feelings, she experienced bouts of crying.

Then realisation and awareness started to kick in. Joan realised that she allowed her mother’s feelings to be more important than her own. Joan noticed that when her triggers come up, she has been able to look at them differently and not just react to them.

Wounded Heart

Stage 2 – In the Trenches – 4x fortnightly 1.5 hour sessions

During this stage we delved into the following issues:

  • Running self-sabotaging programs in relation to her study. Doing her assignments at the last minute and missing classes

  • Re-activating Self-Love

  • Feeling loved and wanted by her family

  • Believing that life is hard work and that she cannot get the life that she wants

We identified some more limiting beliefs:

  • I punish myself because I deserve it – Yes

  • I am frozen in the past – Yes

  • I deserve a good life – No

  • I have never deserved to be happy in all of my lives – Yes

  • I keep getting stuck in the past because the present and the future on my own scares me – Yes

  • I am no longer important – Yes

  • Everybody hates me – Yes

  • I must take on the pain of others – Yes

  • I have missed the boat of life – Yes

  • I am responsible for everyone – Yes

Joan mentioned that she started to feel more supported. That people were acknowledging her lovely nature, and when they did, she wasn’t worried about what they wanted from her.

Joan realised that there is a part of herself, that doesn’t want to forgive herself. Because it’s easier to sit in guilt and sadness than to stand in forgiveness and self-love.

Joan now understands that she is allowing fear to drive her beliefs of being undeserving (or anything and everything)

When you feel trapped

Stage 3 – The Turning Point – 2x 1.5 hour monthly sessions

During this stage we worked on:

  • Joan being honest with herself

  • Being scared of having hopes and expectations

  • Being confident in her abilities

We identified some more limiting beliefs:

  • I only had one soulmate in this life and I blew it – Yes

  • I am a waste of my Angels time – Yes

  • My regrets keep me safe – Yes

  • Any new path I take is a consolation prize – Yes

  • Change impacts my life in a negative way – Yes

  • I have the confidence to take on opportunities – No

  • People will accept and action my ideas – No

Joan is feels like she is realigning her Karma. She is trusting that she is tapping into her guidance and knows that she has to be more open. She has been doing a lot of kindness meditation. It has been helping her with her self-forgiveness.

Joan has pushed through some occasions where an opportunity arose and her initial reaction was “oh no, I couldn’t” to “maybe I can”.

Stop thinking I can't

Stage 4 – I Matter Program – 17x Monthly sessions (btwn 2 – 3.5 hours long)

Joan has shown a willingness to delve into all corners of this life and her past lives. Which is why we moved onto a program which I like to call “I Matter”. Joan initially came in for monthly 2.5 hour sessions, with the occasional 3.5 hour session. Because of this deep and intense work that we have done over the past year and a half, Joan’s last session (the 17th one) was a two hour session. And moving forward, her sessions will be two hour ones.

During the “I Matter” program, we delved deeply into Joan’s spiritual self. Healing wounds from this life and many past lives as well.

Some of the issues that we worked on during this stage:

  • Sense of not deserving good things in life

  • Believing in herself

  • All matters in Love

  • Self-Sabotage

  • Releasing the heaviness in her heart

  • The need to control life

  • Removing unhealthy boundaries

  • Not being scared of her feelings

  • Letting go of regret

  • Spiritual Healing

  • Connection with Angels

  • Fear of success

  • Fear of success

  • Manifestation

Some of the Limiting Beliefs that arose were:

  • I don’t want to forgive myself – Yes

  • If I put myself forward, men will tell me that I am not important – Yes

  • I can’t lean on others when I need support – Yes

  • I have resistance to love – Yes

  • I sabotage myself because I am scared of life – Yes

  • I sacrifice my soul to keep other people happy – Yes

  • I have to live someone else’s version of my life – Yes

  • I love all aspects of myself – No

  • I am empty inside – Yes (past life limiting belief)

  • I give away my power – Yes (past life limiting belief)

  • I’m too old to find love – Yes

  • There are always strings attached to anything I receive – Yes

  • It’s my role to suffer – Yes

  • I have to give to be valuable – Yes

Joan acknowledges that she is important in any relationship (romantic, friendship or family). She is comfortable in show her vulnerable side in relationships. Joan is finally starting to put herself first and is standing her ground more. She is not allowing people to walk all over her.

Joan is learning to honour when it is the right time for her and she is becoming more at peace with her current life circumstances. Joan is able to take set-backs in her stride.

I am willing to love myself

Joan’s Observations of the Healing Process

When I first came to see Liesl I was feeling worn down by life and frazzled.  I didn’t know how to get direction back in my life and was feeling very disconnected from who I was and life was feeling very flat.

When Liesl asked me for 2 years I was overwhelmed that it would take so long, I was feeling overwhelmed with life and didn’t feel that I could wait that long.  As we progressed and I started clearing baggage, I began to embrace and enjoy the process of healing and reconnecting with myself and life.


Liesl has helped me to keep things on track as I found my way back to honouring myself.  It was like any journey tough at times and also great moments of relief as I started to reconnect with me.  I began to enjoy the journey rather than rushing to achieve healing which I saw as the outcome I learnt to embrace the shifts in my life and realise that my life journey will always shift it was my holding on tight that was preventing change from flowing into my life!



I feel like a different person.  I am exploring and doing the things I love and feel more connected with myself than ever before.

If you feel like something is missing from your life or that you have lost connection with who you are Liesl is an amazing healer.  Be brave and give it a try! It is an amazingly powerful way to reconnect with who you are at the deepest level.

Some Final Thoughts

Joan is an outstanding example of how:

  • If you are truly committed to turning your life around

  • If you are truly committed to put in the hard yards

  • If you are truly committed to shine a light into the dark corners of your soul

  • If you are truly committed to healing yourself

Then you can achieve the life that you want

And don’t worry about the time that it might take. It all depends on how long you’ve been struggling with your issues for. If you’ve had the issues for 2-3 decades, its going to take more than 3 sessions to clear.


Ready to transform your life

I (Liesl) have been having regular sessions every one to two months over the last 13 years. Initially it was to clear away all of the baggage that I had, but now I have the regular sessions to open myself up to and fulfill my destiny here on Earth

The choice, as always, is always up to you 🙂 🙂 🙂

Are you ready to turn your life around? Are you after a technique that actually works and lasts? Kinesiology can change your life.

Using intuitive Kinesiology, I am able to identify any negative thought patterns , limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns that you might have. If you would like to know more about how Kinesiology works go to my What is Kinesiology Page. My What I specialise in page details the areas that I love to work on.

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