Trying to figure out what your heart wants seems like such a hard this to do. We hear all the self-help people spruik about it. Follow your heart. But how do we really know what our heart wants?

Well, the more that you meditate, the easier it is to silence the mind and listen to your heart. But what if the voice of your mind is too loud? And you can’t hear what your heart wants.

I have a simple and easy way to know what your heart truly wants. And it’s as easy as flipping a coin.

But not in the way that you think.

You have two options 

(if you have more than two options then narrow it down to the two things that you want most)

  • Option 1 is heads

  • Option 2 is tails

Flip your coin high up into the air. And now here’s the trick!

It doesn’t matter what side the coin lands on. What matters is what side you wanted it to land on. While the coin is in the air, what side did you hope it lands on?

That’s how you know what your heart wants

Flip a coin to know your hearts desires

Let me give you an example. You’re trying to decide where to go on holidays. Hawaii or Italy?

  • Hawaii is heads

  • Italy is tails

When the coin is in the air, which side do you hope it lands on? Because that is where heart desires to go

It truly is that easy. Try it and see 🙂 

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