I am a changed woman

I didn’t expect to be changed or to be changed so dramatically, but changed I am

I came up to the Byron Bay Spirit Festival hoping to find some new techniques or insights that I could incorporate into my practice. Maybe a little healing and then chilling at Byron at the beaches afterwards. Did it work that way? Ha! Not at all!!!

Thanks to Cyclone Debbie, floods impacted the festival. I arrived up on Friday morning and found out that the roads to Mullumbimby were flooded so all of the Day 1 activities were cancelled. So I figured that I might as well have a relaxing lunch at The Farm and then make my way up to my accommodation at Paradise One.

I arrived at Paradise One and found out that (because of the torrential rain) the power was out. So there was no power and no mobile phone reception. And you know what? I could not have been more excited. I was giddy with excited. I knew that I was getting a healing done later that afternoon, but that I also had to do something beforehand. So I went for a walk around the grounds of Paradise One.

WOW!!!! There was amazing art dotted all around the grounds. My favourite piece was this one. It felt so ancient, so Viking. It touched me to the very roots of my heart.

After that, I went back to my room and had an amazing healing with Cordelia (a Celtic Goddess). And it was wild!!! I felt like I was being taken through an ancient pagan rite to release the wild child within.

  • I was free to run

  • Free to fly

  • Free to embrace

I woke up feeling amazing

Artwork at Paradise One

The next day (Saturday), the Festival was back on. I went to the “Shamanic Heart Opening Journey” workshop with Peter Bowden. And it was just what I needed. I have held so much in the back of my heart chakra for so long that it is rock hard. Massage therapists struggle with releasing the muscles and my chiropractor struggles with adjusting my vertebrae at the back of my heart because everything has been locked.

The healing that I received in Peter’s workshop totally opened my heart chakra. But that wasn’t what changed me. What changed me occurred on Sunday.

I didn’t feel like going to any of the workshops on the Sunday. But my intuition told me to go to the “Cleansing, Dreaming and Dirty Fun” talk being given by Shanti Silos.

  • CLEANSING Learn to let go of things that no longer apply to you.

  • DREAMING Know your dreams and let your heart guide you.

  • DIRTY FUN Meet your desires and dare to live life passionately.

  • INNER JOY Inner joy is achieved when the three areas above are in complete harmony. Your heart feels light and life is a breeze

Hearing about Dirty Fun was like a lightning strike to the heart

  • I wanted Dirty Fun in my life

  • I wanted to be Dirty Fun

After the workshop, I looked around at the market stalls and saw one with hair feathers. And my inner wild child wanted feathers in her hair. I now have 24 feathers in my hair (but I know that I need more, many many more). I then wandered around the markets some more and I saw a lady doing face painting. And I thought I want my face to be painted too.

Im loving my hair
New me

Then I ran into Shanti again and she did an interview with me on LOVE. I feel like I came to this festival especially to meet Shanti. When I booked my ticket last September, the Byron Bay Spirit Festival probably wasn’t even on Shanti’s radar. I believe that the universe conspired to bring us together so that I could get the profound wisdom of Dirty Fun.

So what does Wild Child Liesl look like?

Well the feathers stay

But the uniform gets the boot. I no longer need it and it no longer represents who I am. (Funnily enough, while I was huffing and puffing my way around the cliffs of Byron Bay, I ran into one of my clients. And while we were discussing my experiences at the Festival, she also knew in an instant that the uniform was gone. Now I just have to buy new clothes for work)

I shall be bringing my “wild” in more and more into clinic and into my life.

And I am going to jump onto opportunities as they present themselves.

I don’t know where this wild child is going to take me. But I’m super excited to find out!!!

Liesl Frank Psychic Kinesiology and Soul Healing

From a reader’s point of view, this might seem like a big change, but for me it’s huge. And like any personal change, the people around you might not think that it’s a big deal. But for you, when the change hits you. When you follow the course that it takes you, then it’s life changing.

If you are interested in making changes too, then I can help you. My natural psychic abilities allow me to listen to your soul and hear what it wants for you. If you want to jump straight in, then you can book a session by calling Brookvale – 0419 271 394 or Haberfield – 02 9797 0422

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xXx Liesl