Andrew, a regular client of mine gave me a call one Monday, asking if I could squeeze him in for a session before he flew out to Japan for a holiday on Friday. He was experiencing a range of feelings and emotions: dread; apathy; hopelessness. He mentioned that his energy levels were at an all-time low. I booked him in for a session on Thursday. I had an insight later that night that we had to work on the issue of it being “safe to return home to Japan”

Session 1 – Before the Trip

We put two goals into circuit at the start of Andrew’s session.

  • It’s safe for me to return home to Japan – No

  • If I return home to Japan, I will be executed – Yes

It would be pretty fair to say, that with these two beliefs running around in the subconscious mind, it’s no wonder Andrew was experiencing so much dread and hopelessness.

What we found out

These beliefs related to one of Andrew’s past lives where he lived in Japan. In fact, it was 1,872 past lives ago. This is what we discovered about this past life.

How Past Lives can affect our current life

Andrew was a twin born into a royal family. He was female and the older twin and the younger twin was male. Due to the beliefs at the time, females were only treated as things to marry off, and the males were where all the power was. So even though Andrew’s female twin was much more intelligent than her younger brother (who was an idiot), it was the brother who was going to rule the land. Andrew’s past self was furious at the world and deeply resented her brother.

A Seer advised Andrew’s past self, that if her brother was allowed to rule, the land would lay in ruins and decay. However, if Andrew’s past self killed her brother, then the lands would prosper and flourish. So Andrew’s past self killed her brother in his sleep with a knife. But she disturbed her mother who started to scream, so she had to kill her mother as well. The Seer had arranged for her escape off the main island. Her father placed a hundred curses on her and let it be known that only death awaits her upon her return.

How past life Karma affects us

What we did to correct

We applied two corrections in this session.

12 Aspects of Virtue: Where we look for a virtue that the client want to embrace, and find a negative aspect that is preventing it. We then replace the negative aspect with a positive aspect, so the client can embrace the virtue

  • Virtue: Letting Go

  • Negative Aspect: Trapped

  • Positive Aspect: Flexible

I applied crystals to the relevant acupuncture points

Star That You Are: Is a correction based around an energetic essences range.

We were working on the feeling of Betrayal and we had to apply 150 essences and sprays (we got to 110 in the time that we had)

At the end of the session we retested the two goal statements

  • It’s safe for me to return home to Japan – Yes

  • If I return home to Japan, I will be executed – No

Andrew’s reaction

Immediately after this session, I felt relieved and calm and looking back over the last few days prior to the session, it made sense to me why I was feeling how I was feeling.

The anxiety had gone and all the negative emotions had gone and I was more comfortable about going to Japan.

Session 2 – After the Trip

A couple of days after Andrew returned from his trip to Japan, he booked in for another session. Andrew stated that he felt burnt out broken, exhausted and he basically couldn’t give anymore. He didn’t even enjoy the highlight of the trip which was to see the Moto GP race.


I asked Andrew to go into more detail about the trip. He said that the first few days were great, they were in Tokyo, and they were having a great time sightseeing and people watching. They then traveled down to Kyoto for three days and Andrew mentioned that he felt like he was home. That everything seemed familiar. After that they travelled to Osaka, and then onto Mt Fuji for the Moto GP. Andrew said that after Kyoto, everything started to go downhill.

I tested and found out that something indeed did happen in Kyoto. The spirits were still angry at Andrew and they stabbed at his energy field over a thousand times.

Angry Spirits

What we did to correct

I placed crystals (Apophyllite, Amethyst and Moonstone) along Andrew’s central line. And we placed in a number of statements relating to energy

We found out some key statements

  • I know how to protect myself – No

  • I know how to protect myself energetically – No

  • I am shut off from my innate wisdom – Yes

I had to clear the woundings done to Andrew’s energetic field. I applied a sound correction, as well as getting Andrew to say some forgiving statements. I finished off with some support of flower essences and sprays. And finally I played a song “Beautiful Now” by Zedd (YouTube it, it’s an amazing song). Andrew stated that while the song was playing, he felt this great lifting off around his torso.

I retested some of the key statements

  • I know how to protect myself – Yes

  • I know how to protect myself energetically – No (still more work needs to be done on this one)

  • I am shut off from my innate wisdom – No

  • I am connected to my innate wisdom – Yes

I advised Andrew that we would still need to address the angry spirits of Kyoto in another session. As well as working on Andrew knowing how to protect his energetic field.

Andrew’s reaction

Immediately after the session, I felt myself again, I felt lighter and happier. While I was feeling better, I am eagerly awaiting the next session to address the remaining elements of the situation as well as focus on other aspects that may arise that will hopefully result in a sustained increase in my consistent low energy levels and help me more forward.

Andrew’s case is a classic example of how incidents from our past lives can have an impact on our lives here and now. So many times I see current behaviours or beliefs impacting this life, which are actually hangovers from past lives. It would be very rare for me to go a week in clinic without having to deal with a past life issue. If there is a behaviour that is affecting you and there seems to be no logical reason for it, it might be a past life issue.

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