• Does the world seem to be getting busier and busier?

  • Has work become your life?

  • Do you find yourself running here, there and everywhere?

  • Is your “down time” scheduled full of taxiing, shopping, cleaning, etc?

Overworked and overwhelmed
  • How often do you schedule “Me Time” for yourself?
    Once a week?
    Once a month?

Why “Me Time” is so important

Scheduling “Me Time” into your week is so important

It’s so easy to get caught up in our work, our kids, our responsibilities, that it can become our whole identity. We become so busy doing everything for everyone else that we have forgotten to “do for ourselves” as well

The importance of me time
  • Have you forgotten what makes you you?

  • Have you forgotten what it feels like just to relax?

  • Have you forgotten what makes your heart sing?

  • Have you forgotten that you are the most important person in your life?

Isn’t it time that you started remembering?

In the two video’s below, I give some ideas of how to make “Me Time” a permanent aspect of your weekly life.

Please excuse my red face and the sweat poring off me in this last video. I though that it would be a “great” idea to go for a bush walk on a 35C day

Are you ready for some “Me Time”?

If you are ready to start putting yourself first?

If you are ready to start scheduling in more me time (without the guilt)?

If you are ready to start making long lasting positive changes in your life?

Then I can help. I am a Holistic Kinesiologist and I excel at identifying and clearing any limiting beliefs or blocks stopping you from achieving the life that you want. I am committed to supporting you along every part of your journey. If you would like to know I can help you visit my what I specialise in page. If you are wondering how Kinesiology works, visit my what is Kinesiology page.