Well, what can we say! 2020 has been a year!!! Bushfires, Floods, Viruses and Lockdowns. Did any of the plans that we had for 2020 come to pass? Or was it just an entire clusterfuck?  Here is 2020 in review

To paraphrase Paul Keating – Was this the year that we had to have? To get our priorities right? Was this year the great reset? Are there any lessons from this year that we can take with us as we leave this year behind us?

I plan to share what my year was like. What the year 2020 was all about – energetically? And I have asked some of you to share your 2020 in review as well.

But first, a bit of hilarity from God’s Gift to Humanity – Ryan Reynolds with his take on 2020

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My 2020 in Review

When I look back at the intentions that I had set for this year . . . . . I am pleased to see that out of the 15 intentions that I put down on the 31st December last year. Six of them have become reality. And only one of them was affected by the lockdowns. LOL, so you could say that I kind of slacked off on the other eight. But of those for the majority of them, I am between 60%-80% on my way to achieving them. Which I would have to say is my best effort so far in regards to my yearly intentions


I know that for me, this year has taught me many things. And I should be upfront with you, this year has actually been a great year for me. My business has been thriving. And my spiritual journey is going in leaps and bounds. Every time, I have had a new energetic talent appear in session with one of my clients – I’m like Ted from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure – Like Woah Dude – Can you believe that that just happen???


I was disappointed when we went into lockdown. I never thought that:

A) that kind of government oversight could ever happen here in Australia or

B) that we would let it happen.

But it did on both counts, and I fumed at the restrictions. Although, at a recent catch up with friends, I marvelled at how lucky we are in Australia right now. I love the benefits but hated the costs. It has created a real cognitive dissidence within me that I am still finding it hard to reconcile.


I was really pleased to find that I did not feel fearful at all during any time during this year in relation to the virus. Even the two times that I caught a cold this year and had to get the tests done. I just instinctively knew that I did not have the virus. Maybe because, during one of the Global meditations earlier this year, I distilled the frequency of the virus down to its highest frequency and vaccinated myself with it. (that’s some high-level spiritual shit going on there)


2020 made me really assess what kind of life that I wanted. Was it high vibrational or low vibrational? Did I want to associate with people who were really low vibrational and had no intention of changing their circumstances? This was a very tough decision for me, and it took me a whole year to grapple with it (along with multiple sessions on it). But in the end, I have chosen to honour my (and my partner’s) happiness.


One of my intentions at the beginning of the year was to go out and live life more! Ha!!!!! Hilarious! But as the restrictions are easing, I will try and make the most of opportunities as they present themselves. Because this year has made me realise how important it is to jump on opportunities when they arise, because you don’t know when the next one will turn up.


2020 in Review – Energetically

As I have mentioned to some of you privately, I believe that Australia is here it lead the way for our planet’s spiritual ascension. That is one of the reasons the Wellness Industry is so strong here in Australia. Greater numbers in our country are beginning the shift. So how does that tie into what was happening this year?

Well, I am going to leave that with a lightworker who has deeper knowledge than I currently do – Elizabeth Peru. I am going to share a series of blogs that Elizabeth has written throughout this year. I know that this seems like a lot of reading – but OMG is it worth it!!! You will definitely have a greater understanding of what has occurred and what is yet to come if you take the time to read these.

January 2020 – Australia’s Wake-Up Call and The Global Flow-On Effect – Our Phoenix moment (the Bushfires) 

March 2020 – CORONAVIRUS Earth’s Ascension GLOBAL WAKE-UP CALL – As we were about to go into lockdown

March 2020 – 2020-2030 THE IMPACT OF CORONAVIRUS THE BIGGEST SHIFT IN 10,000 YEARS – the gentle awakening

May 2020 – WHAT’S REALLY HAPPENING IN 2020? – Moving away from the Coronavirus to understand the underlying energies of the big shift coming

November 2020 – THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC AND THE OTHER SIDE Part 1 – The Eye of The Storm – A guide to the next 18 months 

November 2020 – PART 2: THE SPIRITUAL SOLUTION – THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC AND THE OTHER SIDE – What choices can you make?

Your 2020 in Review

Louise – Frenches Forest

2020 was a rough start for us. My husband lost his job at the end of 2019 and it was timed with me choosing to wind down a large revenue stream in my business. So financially it was a pretty rough time which brings high levels of stress and self-doubt.

For me, that meant needing to have large amounts of faith in the transition I was making in the business, even though it was really hard and risky.

Then by the time, COVID hit we were fortunate enough to be building back up and in a better financial position with more secure income than so many Australians.

A combination of lockdown, homeschooling and my business transition coming together meant I truly embraced slow living, living in flow with what’s going on around me, learning to trust myself fully and have faith I am always supported and guided, being grateful for what I have and where I live, embracing the joy of serving people who need and appreciate my help, learning to enjoy just spending real time with the family and not rushing about always ‘doing’ stuff.

Now at the end of 2020, I am feeling calm, confident and blessed and know I can actually do anything I put my mind to, sometimes the universe just has its own plans on timing but I trust it is all as it should be and I am exactly where I am meant to be right row.


Corrinne – Hampshire, England

The biggest lesson for me in 2020 has been GRATEFULNESS. I have had cause many times this year to just stop, be present and say thank you. I know this year has been tough in many different ways for people and I am sorry for them. 2017 was my annus horribilis and in 2020 I can quite honestly say I personally have thrived.

I have not worked for much of the year (mostly out of choice) and so have used this time to reflect, slow down and spend much quality time with my immediate family. My husband’s health has drastically improved as he no longer has a long commute or travelling around the world and my kids have had more downtime as we haven’t been rushing around to various activities. As a family, we have had more time to appreciate and interact with each other and the family dog has never been happier!

2020 has certainly taught me to slow down, to be more flexible and move with and not against events and to definitely not get caught up in the hype of the media!


Justin – Pymble

2020 has taught me to focus on the things that really matter.

It’s given me an opportunity to appreciate the life we have always lived, and to start making better decisions for myself, my family, mankind and mother earth.

Life in lockdown showed me that life doesn’t need to be so full and complicated. 2020 has been a massive year for me. As I continue to navigate through my personal journey, I feel more connected to myself than ever, and also to those I am closest to.

This year I have stood up for myself and I have been heard. I have achieved great success and I have done so authentically and with great passion. I truly am grateful.


Sylwia – Rozelle

I started my 2020 full of energy closing out a contract and looking forward to new business opportunities. When lockdown started, there was a feeling of uncertainty, fear and a complete stop of business activities.  Plans changed, opportunities disappeared and travel plans were cancelled.  It felt like someone pulled a giant hand brake on my life and reminded me to look around and take time out.   Perhaps we needed to realise that going faster, doing things cheaper and being more efficient is not the ultimate goal.  Sometimes it is ok to do things slower and stop to look at the flowers.  Interestingly with the stop in traffic, my garden thrived. The bees came back and I noticed the flowers and birds.  

We were forced to embrace technology and video meetings.  For the first time, people were willing to have conversations at short notice, willing to chat even if located in another city and willing to collaborate and consider opportunities outside their own immediate geographical area.  As a result, I have been able to develop a business network in many geographical areas leading to exciting new opportunities.   I continue to be in discussions with people interstate and overseas working on collaborative projects.

Being an extravert, I struggled with the lack of human physical contact.  Online networking groups and conversations became my lifeline.  I was also reminded of the importance of family, friends and business support tribe.  The biggest lesson learned was the importance of keeping in touch because when it matters it is these relationships that help us get through things.   


Jacqui – New York City

As 2020 nears an end, I am torn between extreme gratitude (for being healthy, not alone, still employed, being able to work from home without risk- and without kids to educate) – and feeling guilty for being so lucky,  when there are people that lost their jobs, got really sick, have had to risk their health as essential workers and have generally had a terrible time. For me, it has been a blessing.  

2020 has been a year of calming down – stepping back from the day to day rush and stresses of the workplace and from the need to fill the weekends and nights with events of some sort – and just allowing space for quiet and reflection.  I realized I gave more energy to the job than it was worth and I bought too much useless stuff. 

I reconnected with friends on zoom that I hadn’t spoken to in ages (and wondered why I hadn’t done it before). I joined remote guitar and meditation classes and tried to cook better (although that didn’t last). I started down a new spiritual path (guided by a most beloved kinesiologist) this year which has brought great comfort and a different way of seeing things.

I took joy in the simple things – the mundane routines, working from my bed in my PJs, leaving the house for walks, reading books, clapping & potting banging at 7pm for essential workers, seeing how the goodness in people comes out in times of crisis. I was worried that being together with my partner 24/7 in a 1-bedroom flat would lead to a homicide – but we’ve really enjoyed this time together and now dread going back to the office.

The enormous scale of it does make we wonder if it was a cosmic intervention – designed to stop everyone in their tracks (stop flying and consuming and using greenhouse gasses) and try to come together for a common goal.  

It has certainly been an anxious, uncertain and difficult time for many here in the US with an out of control pandemic and a schizophrenic election process. But I am hopeful that this forced slow down and time for reflection will help people re-evaluate what’s important – and the world will emerge from this pandemic better for it.


Julia – Croydon Park

The biggest lesson for me in 2020 has been a growing awareness of the need for us all to slow down in life. Given my and my husband’s job security, we were fortunately not financially affected by the pandemic, and so the lockdown was somewhat of a pleasant experience for us. It allowed us to slow down, spend more time with our children and not be required to run around quite so much as we normally would. Being an introvert, a homebody and a tightarse, it suited me down to the ground! I actually found it more challenging once we were back into the full swing of things as I had become somewhat accustomed to the slower pace of life. 

Separate to the pandemic, 2020 has been a year of trying to cultivate kindness and compassion, which has allowed me to be more certain of the person I wish to be and reassess my sense of self. It is a work in progress to try and better understand ‘the ego’ and how to lose its influence. A growing understanding of the impermanence of all situations has also been helpful in finding my way through periods where I felt lacking in motivation/energy. 


Catherine – Randwick

At the beginning of 2020, I was having a stressful time trying to set boundaries with some unhealthy relationships in my life while pregnant with my daughter. I was worried about how the stress was affecting her and working with Liesl to build inner strength and let go of limiting beliefs to manage the situation.

So, when COVID hit, while it was horrible to watch those who it negatively affected, the travel ban provided me with the much-needed respite to work on building myself up and focus on caring for my daughter. I’ve continued to work with Liesl and know that when lockdown ends, I will be able to face situations I feared with courage and confidence.  I feel that this year has taken much of the busyness and noise away and forced us to slow down and reset, it will be interesting to see what the new normal will be like…🤗


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