Growing up as a child, I desperately wanted to be psychic. I was blown away by the concept and thought that people who were psychic were just the luckiest people ever. What I didn’t realise was that I already was psychic. I had just forgotten how to be.

I believe that we are all born naturally psychic, however we grow up in a society where we are told that it’s not possible, it’s just your imagination, or we are looked on as being crazy, we are told not to embarrass our parents etc. So eventually we begin to believe that it was just our childish imagination.


How do I become psychic


We are “told” that because science can’t prove it, then it’s not possible. And that all the people claiming to be psychic are fakes who prey on the weak and deluded. I am here to tell you that we all have a psychic ability. And like any natural talent, it’s stronger in some people more than others. And like any ability, you have to practise at it over and over and over again, to strengthen it.

Let’s compare it to running a marathon. Now if you have never jogged in your life, but it’s on your bucket list to run a marathon. Do you just rock up on the day without any training and expect to last the whole 42 kilometres without breaking a sweat or doing a hammy? No, you prep for it months in advance. Slowly building up your endurance, a 5K run, a 10K run, a couple of half marathons and then you build up to the big event. Developing your psychic abilities takes the same dedication, just replace the running with meditation.

My journey back to being psychic

One of the memories I have as a child was in the children’s playground across from my Nan’s house. I remember making up songs and singing them to my friends. My friends weren’t physically there, but I knew that they were there.

Fast forward 34 years and as I was doing all the healing work on myself (clearing all of the shit that I no longer needed or wanted). Several things started occurring:

I started hearing ringing in my ears. But it would be intermittent. And it freaked me out because I didn’t want to think that I was developing tinnitus at such an early age. It wasn’t until I binge watched all 9 seasons of Supernatural over the winter of 2014, that I realised that the ringing in my ears occurred when my energetic support team were trying to get my attention. Now whenever I hear it, I stopped whatever I’m doing and ask what’s up. I can also sometimes hear it when they are talking to other people around me.

hearing angels

One of my beautiful clients gave me her book “Angels of Abundance” by Doreen Virtue. I started reading it in nature, and when I did the first exercise in chapter one, I heard the response in my head. As I continued to read through the book, working on clearing my limiting beliefs that arose and doing the exercises. I found that more and more things began to open up for me.

The flow on from this was, that when in clinic, while working on my clients, I began to start “hearing” their limiting beliefs. We would discuss something, and their blocks would just pop into my head like a light bulb switching on. I would write the belief down and then test it with a yes / no muscle test. And 99% of the time I would be right.

One of the coolest aspects of all of these changes that have been occurring for me, is when my energetic support team comes into the sessions to do healings. Now this doesn’t happen every session. They come when they choose too. And the majority of the time, they kick me out of the room while they do the healing. I have done sessions with my clients (and on myself) where we have put in all the limiting beliefs into circuit.

Getting an angelic healing

Our energetic support teams will do the healing (I don’t do any other type of correction) and then when we are backing out of the session, all the limiting beliefs have been cleared. It blows my mind every time and I am so thankful that they are willing to help me and my clients in this way.

What I see in clinic

How do I know that we are all psychic? Because I see it every day in clinic.

I keep a library of books and oracle cards in my clinic (of which I have probably only read a ⅙ of them). And my clients have definitely not read them. Yet their subconscious mind knows to direct me to a particular book / page / paragraph that we need to find a clue from. If that’s not being psychic then I don’t know what is.

How do we become psychic again?

Meditation can open up your psychic abilities

Meditation, meditation, meditation and clearing all of our doubts and limiting beliefs. The more I have taken the time to do regular meditations, the clearer the messages become. For me, I have been working on clearing all of my baggage since 2003 and I have been regularly doing what I call “my lazy meditation” since 2014. This is not something that is going to happen for you overnight. But I can tell you that it is a worthwhile exercise.

It comes up many times that we need to address this for my clients. That we have to clear the limiting beliefs around being psychic. The most common ones are:

  • It’s safe for me to share my psychic abilities – No

  • I’m allowed to share my psychic abilities – No

  • If I share my psychic abilities with the world I will be punished / tortured / killed – Yes

When these limiting beliefs come up, we always have to go back to a past life to heal the wounding’s that occurred in that life.

Now, I can’t wave a magic wand over you and make you instantly psychic.  I’m here to tell you that you have a psychic ability within you. And if it is something that you desire, then there are ways to develop it. Many people will have many opinions on how to do that. My advice is to do regular meditation (and pick the style that best suits you) and then start working on clearing all of the blocks and limiting beliefs that you are holding onto.

Hi, my name is Liesl Frank and I am several things. I am psychic, I am a Kinesiologist, I am a channeller of energetic healings. Which is why I call myself a Psychic Kinesiologist. My passion is helping people to discover who they truly are. Not who the world tells them they should be. I help my clients to wake up and remember how truly amazing they are.

Liesl Frank Psychic Kinesiology

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