I went in feeling flat, heavy and stuck. Liesl’s holistic approach turned all that around..I practically bounced out afterwards. Driving home I noticed my eyes were clearer and even sparkling!

Alyssa – Epping

Thank you for our session and follow up! I absolutely loved our first session. I was so much more connected and calm on a spiritual level, mind and body. I appreciate everything you did and can’t believe I didn’t find Kinesiology and yourself sooner! I was so so happy when I left and I have been finding the homework very helpful and enlightening.

Natasha – Camperdown

“I just wanted to write to you and thank you immensely for all your time on Saturday. The appointment was absolutely amazing. Energetically I feel so many shifts already and I am so grateful for your help! Your kindness and manner of delivery is so comforting. I felt that no matter what I shared you would never judge, you just offered endless compassion to help me on my journey- with the undivided belief that I really can pursue and attain my dreams.”

Alanna – Drummoyne

I have been seeing Liesl for over a year now, and I can’t believe how much my life has changed in this time. I was feeling really down and really really stuck when I first came to see Liesl. And I wasn’t sure what to expect as my previous experiences with Kinesiology hadn’t had much of an impact.
However, the sessions that I have had with Liesl, with the safe environment that she creates, has really allowed me to explore situations, beliefs and attitudes that have been holding me captive for decades. Liesl has helped me to gain a renewed zeal for life, which has opened up many wonderful opportunities for me.
I can’t recommend Liesl enough, I am recommending her all the time to all my friends and workmates. Don’t even think about it. Just do it.

Ro – Lewisham

I have been seeing Liesl on and off for about 2 years and whilst I’m not a sceptic, I was not a believer in Kinesiology, I can honestly say that she has completely converted me to seeing it as a science and a very practical therapy for my needs.
After each session, I feel calm and peaceful and this lasted for up to a week (sometimes longer). She was the first to notice when my anxiety levels were soaring through the roof, and I was completely oblivious. Her recommendations have been spot on too. It’s a pity that I chose to not listen to her earlier as it would have saved a lot of grief.
She has also practiced on my 6 year old child – and he loved it too, especially when she lent him the crystal to keep under his pillow at night.
Liesl is a very kind and caring person. None of my sessions felt rushed and she is extremely professional in her dealings with her patients.

Sarah – Wollstonecraft

I didn’t know much about Kinesiology until I had a few sessions with Liesl, it opened my eyes and mind to how amazing the mind and body can be.
I found kinesiology helped me understand myself better and realise why certain things occurred/occur in my life, it has helped me understand and change the way I think and do.
I am a great believer of the mind-body connection and Kinesiology is defiantly that.
It’s hard to explain what Kinesiology is when someone asks you but I just say ‘give it a go’ it’s definitely amazing and it was amazing that someone could easily tap into what was happening in my life by “reading” my body and when you have someone as gentle and calming as Liesl it’s even better.

Liza Aparicio – Mascot, NSW

When I first started seeing Liesl, I actually didn’t think there was too much ‘wrong’ with me. I had suffered mild anxiety as a child/teenager, and it had reared its head again in adulthood. I was on anti-depressant medication, however was quite happy being so.

As Liesl and I began our journey together, I realised I was continually trying to please others; was unable to emotionally express myself; was undeserving of anything good, and I was still holding on to the past. With each session Liesl successfully pealed back the onion layers, and I soon realised that I deserved to be free. In hindsight I have noticed that I have become more confident in myself, in my decisions, and in the ability to back myself.

I have always suffered from tonsillitis and sore throats, and as I came to realise, through Liesl and Kinesiology that this was from years of feeling like I couldn’t express myself. Needless to say through writing, and verbal expression, I no longer suffer from sore throats, and I soon as I feel like I am getting one now, I take the time to think about what I need to verbalise.

I have finally learnt to really cry, and let it all out, and I no longer hold on to anything. I feel I have really learnt to live in the present and not dwell on the past, nor worry about the future.

After some time of seeing Liesl, I just decided I no longer wanted to be on medication. I have now been free of this for over a year, and have never been happier. Liesl has guided me through some rough periods of self doubt, and I can joyfully say I could not have done it without her and Kinesiology.

I cannot thank Liesl enough for the light she has brought in to my life – I finally feel free; I feel happy in my own skin; and I have learnt it is ok to look after me; ok to be just me and whether that be emotional; happy; crazy with love; or relaxed, quiet me; it’s me!

Mel – Botany