Give Yourself the Gift of Freedom with Kinesiology

Thank you for choosing Freedom!!! You have taken the first step now. Are you ready to take another? Because Kinesiology can lead you to the path of freedom

Are you ready for freedom?

I walk in my world now and I know it’s all possible

  • Freedom to be yourself

  • Freedom to shine

  • Freedom to laugh and have fun again

  • Freedom to love

  • Freedom to soar in your career

  • Freedom to put yourself first

  • Freedom to live in abundance

  • Freedom to pursue your dreams

  • Freedom to explore your spiritual side

I’ve never felt so content / happy with myself and need to get another magic session from you
I feel like I have climbed out of this pit, this dark tunnel. Everything is starting to feel light and alive now. It’s great waking up each morning feeling happy and excited

I know this to be true, because I have achieved this myself, personally, through Kinesiology, and so have my clients.

It is why I became a Holistic Kinesiologist (or I like to joke, a Kinesi-WTF-ologist). My clients have another name for what I do. They call me an energetic Sherlock Holmes. Because I can psychically tap into why things feel stuck, discover where the blocks are and then clear them.

I walked into my session with Liesl feeling like a total wreck. Now I feel amazing and I am sure that I am on the right path
What is Kinesiology


I liken Kinesiology to playing a game of Cluedo. Instead of the culprit being the Professor in the Library with the Candlestick. It was your second grade teacher, embarrassing you in front of your class, and this is why you don’t like public speaking or putting yourself into the spotlight.

I’m feeling much more happier and stronger than I have for a long long time. Like I did back in my 20’s. Back when life was fun and I was excited about the future.

I specialise in:

Stress and Anxiety – you will be reacquainted with calm once again, and will be able to handle stressful situations with ease

Depression – session by session you will feel the fog start to lift until the world is a lighter, brighter, happier place

Confidence & Self-esteem – Know deep in your bones that you are good enough

Love and Relationships – Heal any woundings around love, to either: attract new love into your life or re-ignite passion into your current relationship

Career – have the courage and confidence to climb the ladder, gaining promotions and pay rises

Physical – understand that energetic and emotional causes that may be affecting your condition

Sexual assaultrecover from the trauma so that it no longer controls your life

Spirituality – embrace your spiritual self and tap into the abundance of the universe

Children – Help your child navigate their way through school, full of confidence and belief in themselves

After my session, I had the best day ever. I felt really light, positive and happy afterwards. It was great. I am not stressed out like I was before the session. Thank you. I can’t wait for my next session.

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