I have been doing Remote Kinesiology Healing Session s for a while now. Since 2017 actually, with a client who lives far west of the Great Dividing Range. Then in 2019, I began treating clients remotely in both Sydney and the U.K. And now in 2020, I have added the U.S.A and Hong Kong to that list.


So, in these unprecedented times (i.e. Coronavirus 2020), I thought that I would spell it out for you exactly how a Remote Kinesiology Healing Session actually works

How does a Remote Kinesiology Healing Session work?

As that famous Thai phrase goes – Same Same but Different

I do my sessions via Whatsapp. I tried Skype but the reception wasn’t that great. And I have no idea how to set up a Zoom meeting. So, I gave Whatsapp a go, and it worked great. Both in sound quality and video quality.

Once I have energetic permission to work with you, I can connect in with your energetic field and I can use self-muscle testing to get the yes/no responses.

The one very important aspect to these sessions is that you are alone in your bedroom and your family and flatmates know that you are not to be disturbed until you leave the bedroom.

Intake Stage

At the start of the session, I do what I normally do and do an intake.

  • If you are a new client, I discuss what you would like to work on and any significant events in your past that might be affecting your present.

  • If you are a returning client, I check in with how you have been since your last session; did you do your homework and what you would like to focus on in this session.

Context / Information Stage

This is the healing start of the session. i.e. when you normally would hop up on the massage table. However, in a Remote Kinesiology Healing Session, it’s your energetic body that is on the table.

I begin looking for clues to help us find the limiting beliefs that we need to weed out. And I find them exactly the same way as I do during an in-person session

  • Do we need to get clues from a phrase in a book? If we do, I read it out over the phone

  • Do we information from Oracle Cards? If we do, I find which cards we need, I take photos of the cards and I send them to you so you can see them as I read out the information

And then we discuss what that information means for you. To which, I start hearing the limiting beliefs that we need to work on and start writing them down. I check that I have all the limiting beliefs and that the wording is 100% correct. I then get you to say the statements while I self-muscle test to check the answers

Oracle Cards

Now, I do do self-muscle testing while you are having an in-person session as well. You just don’t realise that I am doing it. I also tend to use self-muscle testing a lot with in the kid’s sessions. Mainly because they can get a bit fidgety and it’s just easier to do it that way.


If you have to watch a video to get some clues, well that is slightly different. And it all depends on the length of the video. But it goes as follows:

  • I muscle test which video you need to watch

  • I send you the link to the video so that you can watch it on your phone

  • If it is a short video i.e. under 4 minutes, I just wait until you have watched it and then we discuss what it means to you

  • If the video is longer i.e. 5-16 minutes long, I actually start doing corrections on you while you are watching the video. These corrections are the acupuncture point corrections. And then when the video has finished, we discuss the meaning of the video and what it means for you. And find more limiting beliefs

When your body has said that we have enough clues / limiting beliefs we then go into the Correction Phase

Correction Phase

I mainly do four different types of corrections

  • Acupuncture points

  • Sound

  • Statements

  • Energetic Healings

Here is how each of these will work


Acupuncture Points

Whenever we have to do an acupuncture correction, I place crystals on where the points would be if your real body was on the table. Because your energetic body is already on the table, the crystals are connecting into the points and activating the healing


If you need to receive a sound healing:

  • I find out which type of sound healing you need i.e.

  • Chakra Chimes (see photo); Freenote Wings; Tibetan Chimes; Tibetan Singing Bowls; Tuning Forks; Crystal Singing Bowls

  • I work out what combination you need and how many times you need that combination

  • I have my phone next to where the sound correction is being done

  • I then find out where you have to put your phone (it’s usually in a Chakra)

  • I get you to put the phone on speaker mode

  • And then I play the sound healing as normal



Ahhhhh everyone’s least favourite correction 😉 However, it is still a very effective correction. I mainly use three different types of statement corrections:

  • Hologram – once I find the coordinates, I will take a photo of the statements that you have to say and email it to you. Then we work out how many times you have to say the statement. And then you say it that many times

  • Surrogating Emotions – this is where you have adopted someone else’s belief system. So, the statement includes releasing what you want to let go of and what you want to believe instead. Once I have the wording correct, I take a photo and email it to you. Again, we see how many times you have to say the statement. And then you say it that many times

Sound Healing Chakra Chimes
  • Forgiveness Statements – This is where we find one limiting belief and then work to clear it out of all of the chakras. If you were having an in-person session, you would wear the coloured glasses for each chakra, but because we are doing it remotely, I wear the glasses instead. We work through the same process of finding the underlying causes in each chakra for the limiting belief and say the forgiveness statement, until each and every chakra is cleared


Energetic Healings

Like an in-person session, there are times that the Angels, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses will come through to do and energetic healing. If that occurs

  • I find out who they are and make sure that they pass the security test

  • I then read you out the information about the relevant parties

  • I then ask you if you are willing to receive the energetic healing from said parties

  • If you are, I ask how long the session needs to be

  • I then leave you for that amount of time. i.e. we hang up and you close your eyes to receive the healing. And I will call you back when the healing is over

Backing Out Phase

When your body has indicated that it has received enough corrections, we then back out. Which involves retesting all of the limiting beliefs to see which ones have shifted.

I then ask if your body wants you to do any homework.

And finally, I ask your body if we have permission to ask for next session. And if we do – is it days, weeks months and how many?


So, as you can see, a Remote Kinesiology Healing Session is Same Same but Different. But its effectiveness is exactly the same as if you were having an in-person session.

So, if you physically cannot make it in for an in-person session (for whatever reason), you still can have the session with the same results, just remotely.

A Client’s Experience

Belinda is a regular client of mine, and in February, she had to have her first Remote Kinesiology Healing Session due a confluent of events which made it impossible to reach the Marrickville clinic in time. Belinda sounded completely stressed over the phone, and very upset about missing out on her session. I suggested to her that we do the session remotely. Which at first, she declined, but after 10 minutes, she rang back and agreed to the remote session. Here is what she thought of the experience


“As a regular client who normally visits Liesl’s office for my appointments, last month I had to have a remote session. On a day, when in hindsight, the universe was telling me to not go anywhere, it was an absolute blessing in disguise when Liesl suggested the session could be done remotely. 

I was completely stressed when the car wouldn’t start to drive to the Marrickville clinic, the weather was torrential rain, I was staying at my parents’ house looking after a sick dog and had been looking forward to our session for two weeks. 

I must admit that as I am so used to being present in Liesl’s clinic, it was a little weird at first receiving pictures via text message and waiting for the phone to call after my energetic healing, however the session was extremely peaceful, I was completely calm and could digest the information straight after the session without worrying about driving home. 

As recent events may have us confined to our homes, I will definitely be booking remote sessions to keep myself on track!”


Hi, my name is Liesl Frank and I am several things. I am psychic, I am a Kinesiologist, I am a channeller of energetic healings. Which is why I call myself a Psychic Kinesiologist. My passion is helping people to discover who they truly are. Not who the world tells them they should be. I help my clients to wake up and remember how truly amazing they are.

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