I am writing today’s blog out of exasperation!!! I get so angry with our society, with the people who think that it’s ok to be mean and cruel to others. To say cruel things to the ones that they are supposed to love and care for

I have the most beautiful people come into my clinic, Yet when I hear about the emotional damage that has been done to them, by their parents, by their siblings, by their teachers, by their school friends, by their work colleagues etc. it just makes my blood boil

It could be the kids at school bullying a child who is slightly different. It could be a jealous sibling or co-worker working from the faulty logic of “if I put you down, then I will feel better about myself”. Or worst of all, it could be a jealous parent acting out of spite

And you know that I have experienced my share of bullying, but today I will share a different aspect of it. I went through high school believing that I was unattractive, because none of the boys seemed to want to date me. In fact it was treated as a joke, to have Liesl like you (God just typing that still brings tears to my eyes). And until I meet Tim in my mid-twenties, I still carried that belief that “I was unattractive”, around with me

There is the case of my client, Donna*, who started to develop a (fabulous) figure at an early age. Her mother used to constantly criticise Donna for her appearance as well as the clothes that she wore. Donna mentioned that her mother was on the larger size, so it would be my best guess that this was done out of jealousy. However the impact of her mother’s criticism was twofold:

  • Donna had no idea of how attractive she was &

  • Donna would dress in a way to divert attention from her figure

Growing Up Unloved

Or there is the case of Paula*, whose brother and father were so horrible, so mean to her, that a woman (who I put in “model category”) believes that she is ugly. And not only did they make her feel ugly, but they made her feel worthless and useless as well. Who does that to their own family? How does that, even enter into one’s mind to say/do that to a daughter/sister?

As I type this up I am hearing that old nursery rhyme go around in my head “Sticks and stones may break my bones, But words will never hurt me”

And I can’t but think to myself – BULLSHIT!!!

  • It’s the words that can do the most damage

  • It’s the words that damage our self-confidence and self-esteem

  • It’s the words that hurt our souls

OK Liesl, take a deep breath . . . end this on a positive note.

So I’m guessing that you can sense that this is something that I am very passionate about, not only from my own experiences. Because honestly, it breaks my heart to hear the stories that my clients tell me.

So I will leave you with two great quotes

Think before you speak

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