Can you say no???

What is it about the prospect of saying “No” to someone that fills us with fear?
Why is it more important to say “yes” to someone else, when we know it means saying “no” to ourselves.

At work, are you the person who is always given the extra tasks? Even though you already have a full workload, you are not able to say no when your boss or co-worker gives you extra work? Which in turn then increases your stress levels, affects your moods and maybe even your sleep?

At home, do you find yourself always doing what your partner and/or family wants? Do you do all the housework, cooking, shopping etc because you are afraid that if you say no, it will cause a fight?

Why are we so worried about offending the other party?
Are we worried that if we say no, then the other party will think that we are selfish!!!
But is it really selfish to put ourselves, our wishes first?

The reason that we cannot say no comes down to the 5 Elements basic instincts. We want to avoid the following:
 Fire – a fear that we won’t be loved by the people we care about
 Earth – making other people unhappy, which in turn will make ourselves unhappy
 Metal – a fear that others will no longer value us or our services
 Water – a fear of being alone
 Wood – a fear of being rejected if we do not do what the other person wants

If we continually say yes to others and no to ourselves, then we are actually rejecting ourselves. We are telling ourselves – that our wishes are not important; that we are not important.

Kinesiology can help you to identify the reasons why you find it hard to say no. And more importantly, it can help you to gain the courage and power to start saying “no” to other people and start saying “YES” to yourself!!!!

Liesl Frank

Liesl (a Holistic Kinesiologist) is passionate about helping you to create and embrace your new life. Liesl excels at identifying and clearing any limiting beliefs or blocks stopping you from achieving the life that you want. Liesl is committed to supporting you along every part of your journey. To discover how Liesl can help you visit the what I specialise in page. If you are wondering how Kinesiology works, visit the what is Kinesiology page.