If the answer is YES to any of these problems, then you may have an imbalance of one or more of the 14 energy meridians that run through the body.

If any of these meridians become unbalanced, the flow-on effects for your physical body and mental capacity can be as follows:

  • Poor rational thinking and logic

  • Poor comprehension of the spoken & written word

  • An inability to make decisions

  • An inability to focus when studying

  • Uncoordinated movements e.g. hand-eye coordination & balance

  • Loss of fine motor skills

  • Loss of  short-term / long-term memory


Kinesiology can help to improve your Brain Function by:

  • ImprovinImproving Brain Activityg the integration & communication between your left & right hemispheres

  • Removing cranial stress

  • Improving your comprehension of what you read & hear

  • Increasing your ability to retain information while studying

  • Clearing emotional stresses that may affecting your rational thinking and memory (fight & flight mode)

  • Improve vision & hearing by stimulating the cranial nerve pathways

  • Improve your balance and coordination through re-centring your core


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