Setting Your New Year’s Intentions

Well 2016 is almost over and it’s generally now that we tend to reflect on the year that was. For me personally, I’ve had a great year. And I think that part of the reason for this, is because of the intentions that I set on NYE 2015/16, and the Vision Board that I created in early January.

While only some of them have come to pass, I do find that I am even happier now, than I could have ever of imagined in the beginning of the year. I finally understand what it feels like to feel abundant

Celebrate New Years with intentions
  • My Business has been doing great

  • I’ve reconnected with my soul family

  • I’m tapping into my ancient wisdom and my connection to the powers in the universe is just getting stronger and stronger

  • My fiance and I are closer than ever

  • And, I’m no longer afraid to talk about my psychic abilities and my work with the Angels, Gods, Goddesses and Faeries 😉

This is the second year that I have been setting intentions and it’s the second year that they have come through.

If I had set resolutions, by February it would have been all forgotten about. And then I feel as guilty as hell and start beating myself up. That’s why I like to set intentions instead of resolutions. 

Resolutions are definite and finite, whereas intentions have hope and are open to the possibility of something even more amazing

Setting intentions at the beginning of the year gives your dreams a chance to fly. You are giving the universe a chance to help you. To help you manifest your dreams into reality. So how do you go about setting your intentions? Well I like to do a ritual on New Year’s Eve. However, the ritual does require a bit of prep work.

Dream Big

Have Big Dreams

This is not the time to be shy, to be modest. This is where you get to dream big, to shoot for the stars. To wish for the life that you’ve been dreaming of. Now is the time to put all of these into writing. Make a list of all of the good things that you want to occur in 2016. Don’t censor yourself, just let your dreams flow.

Once you have made your list, we now need to craft them into intentions. Intentions are strong positive statements based in the “now”. So no “I can” or “I will” statements. Your intentions are about making your dreams your reality, so begin them with “I am” or “I have” etc (like it’s already a reality for you)

A picture tells a thousand words

Another great way to get your ideas flowing for 2016 is to create a Vision Board. It’s a great visual affirmation of what you want to achieve over the next year. So grab some:

  • Glue (buy at a craft shop so your pictures aren’t wrinkly)

  • An A2 canvas (at your local art shop or stationary supply store)

  • Magazines, lots and lots of magazines (you will want to grab a wide variety of magazines so that you have lots of images to choose from. You can also cut out phrases or words)

  • The Internet (if you have already some ideas of images you want, pull them off the internet)


Vision boards for new years resolutions

Take a few minutes to ask yourself what you would really love to have happen in 2016. And then start cutting and pasting. Also think about adding some of your intentions onto the board as well
Have a play with the placement on the board. Go for what feels right, not what you think you should have on the board. Once you are finished, hang your vision board up where you will see it every day

Set in Stone

When I set my intentions on NYE, I like to charge them into my crystals and then grid the crystals around the home. That way they continuing to work on my intentions all year. Your choice of crystals can come from your own collection or you might want to purchase some based on their healing attributes. Here is a list of crystals that I think might be useful

Crystals help strengthen New Years Resolutions
  • Citrine, Peridot & Emerald – attracts abundance to you

  • Green Calcite – manifests your hearts desires, removes feelings of being undeserving

  • Tigers Eye – increase your confidence, accomplish your goals

  • Aventurine – harmonise that work / life balance

  • Malachite – helps to breaks old patterns

  • Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite – success in love, unconditional love, self love

  • Clear Quartz – helps to amplify the effects of the other crystals

Ask your Angels

Our Angels (God / the universe) are out there and they are just waiting to help us. All we have to do is ask. I have done this on a number of occasions and have been thrilled with the results. Now you can ask the Angels as a whole, or if there is something specific that you wanted certain Angels look after certain things

Ask your angels for help with New Years Resolutions
  •  Gazardiel – for new beginnings

  •  Barbelo – attracting and embracing prosperity in your ife

  •  Chamuel – attracting your soul mate

  •  Michael – for help finding your life purpose

The Ritual – putting it altogether

OK – so you’ve got your affirmations, your vision board, your crystals, and your angels – now what? Well, here is what I do

  • Write out your affirmations on individual pieces of paper and place in a large bowl

  • Write out your prayers to your angels on individual pieces of paper and place in the same bowl

  • Place your crystals on top of the intentions and prayers

  • If you regularly wear crystal or semi-precious jewellery, place these on top too

  • Place the bowl outside on NYE next to your vision board

Crystals for New Years Resolutions
Crystal Grids
  • Place your vision board where you will look at it every day

  • Place your crystals around your home

  • See if you want to turn any of your intentions into a daily affirmation

  • Burn your prayers and intentions (you might want to jot your intentions down in a journal before you do that)

And then your ritual is complete. You’re on your way to a happy and prosperous 2017

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