7 Ways to Attract (or Improve) Love

How to attract love

We are born into this world with the capacity to give and receive love. Pure unadulterated, unconditional love. Yet unfortunately life happens. And as we start to grow up, we begin to believe that we are not worthy of receiving love.

Sometimes we might even believe that we are unlovable. We’re not though, we are totally, completely, 100% lovable, always and forever. But beliefs are a powerful thing, and if we believe negative things about ourselves, then they becomes our reality

So how do we change our beliefs (our reality) from one where we believe that we are unlovable / unworthy of love? To one where we know that we know that we are worthy / deserving of unconditional love; that we are lovable? One word: Kinesiology!!! Kinesiology is a tremendous technique that can help you to identify if you have any limiting beliefs / surrogating emotions / sabotage patterns relating to love. You can read more about these here . Plus Kinesiology can help you dissolve all of these issues, so that you have a life full of love and joy

But today, I want to give you some tips on how you can open yourself up to unconditional love; for attracting love into your love; to help improve your current relationship. And the great thing about these tips is that you can interchange them all. I shall explain as I go along.

Talk to Your Body

This is key! Your body, actually your subconscious mind, holds all of your secrets. Even the ones that you didn’t know that you had. So how do you find out if you are holding onto any limiting beliefs around love?

I have three words for you – Self-Muscle Testing. You can watch my training video. The more you practise and the more you listen to your body, the more adept you will become at self-muscle testing.

So great, you’ve found some of your limiting beliefs around love, what now? How do you get rid of them? The best way is to see a Kinesiologist, but if that is not possible, then here are some tips and suggestions that might help.

Forgive Yourself

Learn to Forgive Yourself

So so important. How can you open yourself up to love, if you keep on beating yourself up about love? Take the limiting beliefs that you have found (through self-muscle testing) and start forgiving yourself.

You can say phrases like “I forgive myself, wholly and completely for believing . . . . . . .”

For extra oomph, try any of the following while you are saying your forgiveness statement

  • Palming your heart chakra

  • Holding a crystal / placing a crystal in your heart chakra

  • Holding a point or putting an oil, an essence or a crystal on a point

Romancing the Stone

Crystals are a great way to help bring harmony and balance around love. There are a huge array of crystals attuned to the power of love. Here are just a few examples:

  • Rose Quartz: It is the stone of unconditional love. It draws love to you. It enables you to receive love. In existing relationships it will restore trust and harmony

  • Prehnite: Brings joy, renewal and hope to the heart chakra. Releases past wounds

  • Rhodochrosite: A powerful heart healer. It aids in expressing love & affection, and in releasing perceived slights or hurts

  • Green Aventurine: It soothes emotional wounds and helps to release outmoded relationships, emotional patterns and heartache

  • Kunzite: Opens the heart to the energies of love – self-love, unconditional love, relationship love, divine love

How to use crystals to attract love
  • Emerald: Known as the stone of successful love, it enhances unity, unconditional love and partnership

  • Apophyllite: Releases suppressed emotions, mental blockages and negative thought patterns

How to use crystals to attract love

So once you have your crystals, now what? How do you use them? There are several different ways I like to use them

  • Wear them as jewellery, so that they are working 24/7 on raising your vibrations

  • Place them in the heart chakra while doing a meditation

  • Grid around your room, house or office

  • Place them under your bed or in your bed (my fiancé is now very used to the fact that every night I will be bringing a crystal into bed with us)

Open Your Heart

The Hindus discovered the Chakra systems around 1,000BC. There are seven main chakras on our bodies, with the Heart Chakra (the 4th chakra) being the pivot point. Its qualities are: peace, love, unity and joy. We have a front and back heart chakra (positioned in the centre of our chest, directly between our nipples, and between our shoulder blades)

  • Back of the Heart Chakra relates to all events from our past

  • Front of the Heart Chakra relates to what is happening now and our projections for the future

Love, unconditional love, joy, laughter, openness, sharing, touch and connections open the heart chakra. Fear, pain, loss, trauma, betrayal, conditional love close down our heart chakras. The key is to keep our heart chakras open so that we can experience love to the fullest. Here are some way to keep your heart chakra open:

  • Palm your chakra – hold your hand as far above your heart chakra as possible, and slowly bring it down to chest level. Do this numerous times. You can also add an oil or an essence to your palm. Ask someone to palm the back of your heart chakra so that you can heal all old wounds

Open your Heart Chakra to open yourself up love
  • Place a crystal on your heart chakra or under your bed (directly under where your heart chakra is)

  • Wear green on shirts / t-shirts. Green is the colour of the heart chakra, and the colours we wear have a tremendous effect on our spirits

  • Listen to a guided heart chakra meditation on YouTube

The Essence of Love

Since Dr Bach first developed them in the 1930’s, flower essences have been an extremely popular way to heal energetically. Here are some flower essences that are great for love and relationships

Flower Essences for Love
  • Relationship essence (Australian Bush Flowers) – Enhances the quality of all relationships, especially intimate ones. It clears and releases resentment, blocked emotions and the confusion, emotional pain and turmoil of a rocky relationship

  • Sexuality essence (Australian Bush Flowers) – encourages the ability to enjoy physical & emotional intimacy, passion and sensual fulfilment

  • Relate from the Heart (Resonate Essences) – helps to open the heart and allow loving communication with your beloved

  • Up Up & Away (Tribe of the Tree) – reminds us to love and approve of ourselves no matter what

  • Mariposa Lily (Arizona Desert Flowers) – helps us become receptive to love

  • Strawberry Cactus (Arizona Desert Flowers) – allows us to transform and let go of feelings of hurt, pain & betrayal

You can use flower essences in a couple of different ways

  • Take 7 drops under your tongue morning and night until the bottle is finished (depending on how stuck the emotions are, you might need to take more than one bottle)

  • Place the essence on an acupuncture point

  • Place the essence on the palm of your hand and palm your heart chakra

The Garden of Love

People have been using Aromatherapy for around 3,000 years. And there has been numerous studies proving its effectiveness. Below are just some of the essential oils that can benefit you in all things related to love

  • Cedarwood* – courage to fully embrace the next phase in your life

  • German Chamomile – helps you to release old beliefs that are no longer useful for you

  • Jasmine* – helps you to release fears and begin to build trust again in your heart

  • Juniper* – dispels unwanted negative thoughts and fills your heart with joy

  • Orange – brings lightness and warmth to your heart

  • Pine* – strengthens your sense of self-worth / increases self-esteem

  • Rose – complete self-love

  • Ylang Ylang – transforms an angry heart into a loving heart

  • *Do not use these oils if you are pregnant

Using essential Oils for love
Using essential Oils for love

You can use essential oils in any of the following ways

  • Oil burners / diffusers

  • Placing a drop on an acupuncture point

  • Palming through the Heart Chakra / rubbing onto the Heart Chakra area

  • Adding a couple of drops to your bath

Straight to the Point

The Chinese have been using acupuncture to treat issues since 1,500BC. Acupuncture not only benefits physical conditions, but it also works with emotional, mental and spiritual issues as well.  Below are some acupuncture points that can help you open yourself up to love. (Please use Google to find the locations of these points)

  • Pericardium 6*° – helps to open up our hearts so we can fully participate in intimate relationships

  • Central Vessel 17° – helps to break down the walls of excessive heart protection

  • Heart 7* – opens up your heart so that your spirit can shine forth

  • Governing Vessel 10 – helps you to connect to the insights of your heart

  • Kidney 23* – helps to facilitate release when your heart has been sealed

  • *Both sides (left & right) need to be held

  • °Do not activate if you are pregnant

You can work with acupuncture points in a number of ways

  • Gently hold the point with either two fingers or your thumb. Only press as lightly as you would do on your eyelids. Wait until you feel a slow rolling pulse (like a heartbeat)

  • Place an essential oil or flower essence on the point

  • Sticky tape a crystal/s to the point

Acupuncture points for love

Calling Cupid

Asking the angels for help with love

Asking for divine help with love is not as crazy as it sounds. Our Angels are ready and waiting to help us, we just have to ask. Here are some of the angels

  • Chamuel – help with attract your soul mate into your life

  • Jophiel – positive thoughts around relationships

  • Azrael – healing the grief of a broken heart / departed loved one

  • Raguel – healing strained relationships / conflict within relationships

I hope that you will find these tips and suggestions for attracting love useful. You can use them in any combination. Just use your self-muscle testing to indicate what you need

Liesl Frank Holistic Kinesiologist

If you feel that you have blocks around love and intimacy and would like to clear them, then I can help. I excel in finding any blocks, limiting beliefs or self sabotaging around love and then clearing them.

If you would like to know more about how Kinesiology works, then click here. If you would like to more about what I specialise in, then click here.