Prosperity is more than just riches

  • It’s about how much you love your life

  • It’s about how much joy and love you let pour into your life

It’s all too easy to look at everyone else’s lives and bemoan how theirs is so much better, easier and more abundant than our own

Feeling Abundant

Prosperity is as much a mental state as it is a physical state. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I feel that I can let prosperity into my life?

  • Am I deserving of prosperity?  

  • Am I worthy of prosperity?

  • Am I open to receiving abundance?

What did the little voice inside your head say?

I know that for a very long time – mine said “NO”. In fact, for a very large chunk of my life, it continually said NO because I always felt undeserving and unworthy. And it’s quite impossible to let good things into your life when you feel this way.


So how do you open yourself up to feeling worthy and deserving of prosperity? You find out the originating limiting beliefs that are blocking you.

  • What are they?

  • Why are they there?

  • When did you first begin to believe them?

  • Are they your beliefs or have you adopted them from your parents?

Once the beliefs are identified, then the key is to reprogram them


Your thoughts and beliefs become the magnet attracting situations and circumstances to you. If you truly believe with all of your heart that you deserve a prosperous life, you will attract it to you. However, if you have seeds of doubt in your mind then that becomes a force field that will prevent abundance from pouring into your life.


Are you ready to change your circumstances?

Are you ready to begin a life where you are magnetising abundance into your life?

Prosperity Energetic Healing

The Universe has asked me to share this healing with you today. To help you get on the road to a more prosperous and abundant life.

I am a channeller of energetic healings. I have been channelling energetic healings for my clients over the last 3 years with amazing results. The healings that I channel are with the Archangels & Ascended Masters. Now The Universe is asking me to share these healings with a larger audience.

The Process

By making space in your day and by saying these words (either out loud or to yourself) you are giving the pure sovereign energy of The Universe permission to do an energetic healing on you.

There are either two ways that you can activate this healing

  1. By saying it first thing in the morning when you wake up – for two weeks. This means that you have to remember to say it every day for 14 days. If you choose this option, I highly recommend that you programme the words into your phone as a calendar event. This way, you will always remember to say them

  2. By allocating time in the afternoon to receive it in one hit (I generally allow 90 minutes for these as I always fall asleep and it allows me to have a great nanna nap while I am getting a healing)

If you choose to go with option 2, here are some of the things that you might experience

What to expect: Please to open to the following (this list is based on what I have experienced and what my clients tell me that they have experienced)

  • You might feel someone working in your energetic field or you might not

  • You might feel sensations through your body, like electric currents or warm tingly sensations, or you might not

  • You might feel that someone is physically in the room with you or touching you, like holding your hand or applying pressure to your body or you might not

  • You might feel a change in temperature or you might not

  • You might get messages via images or a repeated phrase or you might not

  • You might fall asleep or you might not

Any of these could occur. It usually depends on how energetically sensitive you are. More than likely, you will fall asleep.

Pls Note₁ – If this is your first time, then you probably won’t notice anything. In fact, it might take you about 5–10 of these healings to notice anything at all. The healing still occurs whether you can feel it or not.

Pls Note₂ – If you are one of my clients and you already have personalised channelled healings from me as homework. You need to wait 3 days after you’ve done your channelled healing before you do this one.

Prosperity Energetic Healing Activation

You activate the healing by saying the following words


Please scan my body, mind and soul

I wish to live a life of prosperity and abundance

I wish to know through all aspects of my being that this is possible for me


I am willing to open myself up to the melody of my desires”


As mentioned above, you can either do this energetic healing in one big hit one afternoon or say it every morning for two weeks

What I experienced

I chose to do the Prosperity Energetic Healing in one big hit. Here is what I experienced (before I fell asleep 😉 )

Straight away, I felt a warm tingling energy in my Base, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. Then I was shown being on a rollercoaster. My arms in the air and feeling the exhilaration and thrill of the ride. I feel that this was a reminder for me to take charge of life and enjoy the excitement of it 😊 😊 😊

Plus this was the final healing that I needed to clear up a major limiting belief that I had – Not being able to receive. I had been working on that one for a month, and this healing cleaned up the last little bits of it. I have written it up as a case study if you are interested in hearing about my journey.


I hope that you enjoyed this healing 😊 If you found this healing beneficial, may I ask two favours of you

  1. Let me know what you thought. What did you experience? What changes have you noticed?

  2. Please share this healing with your friends. I hope that as many people as possible can experience prosperity in their lives

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