7 way to Attract (or improve) Love

By |2018-01-06T12:46:49+11:00January 31st, 2015|Blogs, Kinesiology|

7 Ways to Attract (or Improve) Love We are born into this world with the capacity to give and receive love. Pure unadulterated, unconditional love. Yet unfortunately life happens. And as we start to grow up, we begin to believe that we are not worthy of receiving love. Sometimes we [...]

All we want is love love love

By |2018-01-06T12:46:55+11:00February 1st, 2014|Blogs, Kinesiology|

All we want is L.O.V.E. All we want is love, love, love!!! As February is home both to Valentine’s Day and those born under the Pisces star sign (which I have been told is the most romantic of all the star signs). I thought that I would dedicate this month’s [...]

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