Do you often find yourself asking “Why am I always tired?

  • Do you find it hard to get out of bed every day?

  • Or is your energy draining by about mid-afternoon?

  • Have your energy levels dropped to an all-time low?

Why am I always tired
  • Is the thought of coming home after work and having to cook and clean and organise everyone and everything before you can even have a chance to relax – soul destroying?

Does this sound like you? It sounds like you’re suffering from a bit of exhaustion

Now there can could be some biochemical / medical reasons for this: like being low in iron, insomnia / sleep apnoea, underactive thyroid, blood sugar fluctuations, glandular fever etc.

However, today I want to look at the energetic / emotional reasons as to why you are always tired.

One of the main causes of low energy / constant tiredness that I see in my clinic, is the practise of putting oneself last. And it’s so easy to do.

  • You have to look after and organise the kids (I mean after all, aren’t they the most important thing is the world). And that can take up so much time and energy.

  • You’re always willing to be there to help your friends, but find it hard to ask them for help in return.

multitasking equals exhaustion
  • You feel that you have to “do it all” at work. Taking on all the jobs, even if it means that you are occasionally working on stuff at home. And if you are not, you are constantly thinking about all that you have to do the next day or Monday morning.

  • The thought of delegating some of your work is not an option. Because, no one would be willing to help you. And even if they “had” to, it would take too long to explain it to them and it would be quicker to do it yourself anyway.

  • You find that you are always giving. Giving your time, your energy, your affections. Because you love to give and love to see others happy, because it makes you happy. But the thought of someone giving to you / doing something nice for you seems like it would be too much of a burden, doesn’t it?

Do you feel kind of tired just reading and imaging all of that? I know I sure do and here’s my secret. I used to be guilty of 4 out of 5 of those scenarios, and if you replace kids with fiancé then I was guilty of all five.

putting yourself

Learning to say no to others and say yes to yourself, can be a hard lesson to learn, but it is certainly worth it. My aim is to teach my clients to become 85% selfish. You might notice, that I am not saying become 100% selfish, because honestly, I’m sure that the world already has enough narcissistic people in it.

What I am asking you to do is to undo some of the training you received as a child. Where you were told that it was bad to be selfish. Hey you might have even been punished for being selfish. By being 85% selfish, you are telling yourself – that you too are important. Your needs, wants and desires are important, and that you are going to make yourself a priority. Because when you put yourself first, it gives you more energy to do things for other people.

What I want you to start thinking is

  • If I do this [certain thing] for “such and such” am I negatively impacting myself in the process? How could I make it a win win situation?

  • How can I get my partner / children to help out more around the house, so that I too can have some “me time”?

  • Start looking at your workload at work and having weekly chats with your manager.  Work through your priorities for the week, and suggesting that the tasks might be accomplished quicker, if two people were working on it. Or to get this [big] job done, is it ok if we allocate this [smaller] job off to . . . . ?

  • Arrange something with your friends that you have been wanting to do for a while. Become comfortable with saying no to events that you haven’t got the time for.

putting yourself first

I have a client, Diana* (who has given me permission to use this example), who has been very sick and tired because of a suspected auto-immune condition. What came up in our first session was: that Diana wasn’t very good at saying no to people, as she didn’t like to hurt people’s feelings. Diana admitted that she was always over-giving at both home and at work. And that she was always thinking about other people. We found the following programming (limiting beliefs) was being run in Diana’s subconscious mind:

  • Everybody needs my help – Yes

  • I need my help – No

  • If I help myself, I will get punished – Yes

  • If I put myself first, I will get punished – Yes

  • I have to sacrifice myself to keep other people happy – Yes

feeling constantly tired and exhausted

After the first session, Diana mentioned that she was completely pain free all over, the first time in weeks. She had so much more energy just feeling herself.

Does any of this resonate with you? If it does, then know that it is possible to work your way up to being 85% selfish. I have seen over and over again my clients gain more energy, because they have started putting themselves first. If you want to leave those tired days behind you, why not try Kinesiology?

Liesl Frank Holistic Kinesologist

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