• Why do some of us feel like we never belong? 

  • Why do some of us feel like we are different?

  • Why do some of us feel wrong, numb, disconnected?

I believe that for some of us, it is because we do not have a human soul. Now, right now you might be thinking WTF???

what to do when you don't fit it

Beings from other planets

The more clients I work with, the more non-human souls I find. That is not to say that these people are soulless. Not at all. All my clients have souls. Some are just not from this planet.

If they are not from this planet, then where are they from?

  • Some are incarnated Angels

  • Some are from other galaxies

  • I have even had a soul from another universe

Am I an incarnated angel

Why come to Earth?

And they have all chosen to come to Earth for a reason

They have all chosen this time for a reason

But it is a tough assignment coming to Earth. A lot of the time, these souls resent coming to Earth. We have a bad reputation in the universe. There is so much hatred, war, greed and intolerance on this planet.

The majority of the planet vibrates at such a low frequency that it can be hard for these souls to acclimatise to a human life here.

why did I come to earth

I regularly have to take my clients back to the moment they were assigned to Earth or choose to come to Earth. And all of them have similar limiting beliefs:

  • Becoming human is the worst thing that I have ever done – Yes

  • Coming to Earth is a punishment – Yes

  • I can never feel at home here on Earth – Yes

  • I hate my human form – Yes

  • My life is going to suck – yes

Even before they are conceived, these souls believe that they are going to have an awful life. And they usually do, because what we believe dictates our reality. What we believe becomes an attractor field to the life that we lead. i.e. if we believe that our life is going to suck, we attract circumstances that make our lives suck.

We’ve got the power


  • We have the power to change our beliefs

  • We have the power to change our lives

  • We have the power to remember why we chose this life on this planet at this time if we so choose too

So how do you know if you have a non-human soul?

What most of my non-humans souled clients say to me is that:

  • They feel numb

  • They feel wrong

  • They feel stuck

  • They feel blocked

  • They feel that they just don’t fit in

How do I stop feeling numb

There is nothing wrong with having non-human souls here on Earth. These souls have come here for a reason.

  • To raise the vibration of this planet

  • To raise the vibration of humanity

  • To help people to wake up to their true potential



raising the vibration of earth

And when these non-human souls remember this and align to their mission here on earth, their lives begin to flow. And this is what I love to do. To help people remember why they chose to be born here on this planet.

It doesn’t happen instantaneously. It’s a peeling away all the fears, doubts and limiting beliefs. And when we do that, we begin to remember who we are, why we are here.  

If you feel that this sounds like you, and you what to explore it further, I would love to help you discover and uncover your soul origins

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